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  • Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're making a Coke bottle cake.

  • There have been lots of these floating around on the internet so, as always, I tried to

  • track down the original creator. The person who did it first to give them credit and the

  • earliest one I could find was Margaret, a blogger who did a photo tutorial in Italian

  • in September 2015 and I'll link to her blog post below.

  • To make my Coke flavoured version you'll need a 2 litre bottle of cola and mark where the

  • drink comes up to on the bottle there. And now to make the Coke jelly layer.

  • You'll need some gelatin and some Coke. And just tip some of the Coke into the gelatin

  • and I'll put all the recipe quantities for you on the website and I'll

  • link to that below. Stir that around and leave it to soften and

  • then once it's thickened like this, we need to microwave that for about 30 seconds to

  • melt it. If you're vegetarian you can use agar for this instead of gelatin.

  • Add the rest of the Coke and stir it really well, then let those bubble subside and pour

  • it into a tray lined with plastic wrap. We want to leave that in the fridge to set.

  • Next take some chocolate and some sherbet so that we can make our fizzy discs. Melt

  • the chocolate, you don't need to temper this because we want it to be a bit soft and mix

  • in the sherbet. Now sherbet is powder that is fizzy in your mouth and if you live somewhere

  • that doesn't sell it, I'll put a simple recipe for it on the website.

  • Once that is mixed through, squash it flat between two sheets of baking paper so that

  • it's really thin. Once it's starting to set, cut circles a bit smaller than the Coke bottle

  • size. Next for the Coke cream. Pour 500ml of Coke

  • into a saucepan and heat it over high heat until the water evaporates off and you're

  • only left with about 50ml. Leave that to cool and then we can add it

  • to the cream. Now you do need to make sure this syrup is compelely cool or it will melt

  • your cream. Whip them together until you get soft peaks

  • like this. For the cake part I'm going to be using one round chocolate cake and one

  • round sponge cake. And you can make them using the recipe I'll

  • put on the blog post or you can buy them. Cut each cake into two even layers and then

  • use a circle cutter to cut two circles from each layer so that you end up with 4 circles

  • of chocolate cake and 4 circles of sponge cake.

  • Now take the Coke bottle and carefully remove the label, we're going to use this later so

  • don't rip it. Just take it off super carefully and hang onto it.

  • Then take a knife and in the middle of where the label was cut the bottle in half. Now

  • it doesn't have to be super neat but you do obviously need to end where you started so

  • that you end up with two halves of the bottle. Turn the top side upside down and fill it

  • with tempered white chocolate, up to the line that we just drew. Leave that for a minute

  • and then tip it upside down to pour out the unset chocolate so you end up with a nice

  • lining of chocolate there. And then just straighten up the line using a spatula and let that set.

  • Pour in some tempered dark chocolate into the base of the Coke bottle and turn it and

  • spin it until it covers all of the sides. And then tip the extra chocolate into the

  • top half and do the same with that one, turning it until it's completely covered. And then

  • place them both upside down to set. To the base add some Coke cream, a layer of

  • sponge-cake, more cream, chocolate cake, then a layer of fizzy chocolate, then add a circle

  • of Coke jelly and more cream and continue to layer it up in this way right up to the

  • top. Place the top half in a glass to help it balance

  • and layer it up in the same way as we did for the base.

  • Now I have lots of you telling me every week in the comments that you are the biggest HowToCookThat

  • fan ever and one lovely girl has even made a HowToCookThat quilt cover for her bedroom.

  • So finally I said yes to one of the companies that keep emailing me wanting to do HowToCookThat

  • T-shirts for me. But here's what I want to know is what do you want on them. Do you want

  • a HowToCookThat logo, do you want Make It A Great Week? Do Giant Things? Let me know

  • what you think, I'll set up a poll and link to that below so that you can have what you

  • want on the T-Shirts. Now we need to get the plastic off our cake,

  • so take a knife and cut down that thin plastic, pulling it away from the cake as you cut so

  • you don't cut the chocolate. Rip off the think part of the plastic then

  • turn it the right way up and put it on some paper. Remove the lid and push down on the

  • white chocolate so you can take off that top hard part of the bottle.

  • Repeat that for the base, cutting down the plastic all the way to the base to remove

  • it. Stand the base upright and add chocolate around the cut in the middle there and then

  • place the top onto it. Support the cake inside of the top as you

  • flip it over so it doesn't fall out. Arrange it so the bottle is straight and then

  • use a knife to smooth out the chocolate and fill in any gaps. And this area will be covered

  • by the label but we still need to make it as smooth as we can so that label will sit

  • flat. Add the label back around the centre, then

  • take a strip of red fondant and wrap it around the top of the bottle. Now you could just

  • put the lid on but it looks a bit unusual, it doesn't quite look how I wanted it to.

  • Then use a knife to draw a line around for the piece of plastic that sits just under

  • the lid. Add a circle to the top and then use something flat to make indents around

  • the lid. Use a hot knife to cut through the chocolate

  • and take a slice of the layered Coke cake. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe

  • to HowToCookThat for more cakes, chocolates and desserts.

  • Click here for last week's Easter Egg video, here for the recipe and here for more of my

  • cake videos. Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.

Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're making a Coke bottle cake.


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COCA-COLA CAKE如何烹飪,安里爾登3D可樂瓶蛋糕。 (COCA-COLA CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 3D Coke bottle Cake)

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