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  • There are a variety of different baseball pitching grips that pitchers can


  • utilize to throw off hitters' timing. The most common grip that all


  • position players use and pitchers, commonly, is the four seam fast ball grip.


  • This grip will throw the baseball in the straightest, fastest fashion.


  • It's important with all of these grips that pitchers keep the same


  • arm speed and arm slot as they deliver the pitch so, as not to tip off the


  • batter as to what pitch is coming.


  • The second grip that can be used on the baseball is the two seam fast ball


  • grip as the two fingers are held across the two laces. And this creates a downward, sinking motion.


  • Thrown from a left-handed pitcher's arm,


  • the ball will drop down and away from a right-handed batter and vice versa for a right-handed pitcher.


  • Another pitch that can be thrown is known as the cut fast ball.


  • The cut fast ball is effective in that's it's a combination of the fast ball and the slider


  • and that it runs away from the batter. So a right-handed pitcher


  • like Mariano Rivera, who mastered the cut fast ball, throws pitches that

    精通卡特球的 Mariano Rivera ,右投所投出的球會

  • run away from a right-handed batter and into a left-handed batter as a right-handed pitcher.


  • The cutter, as it's known, has been Rivera's only pitch his entire career as the greatest relief pitcher of all time.

    眾所周知,卡特球是史上最偉大的救援投手 Rivera,整個生涯唯一在投的球種。

  • Another effective pitch, which more young players should be focusing on, is the change up.


  • The change up can be thrown with two different grips.


  • The three finger, or trophy change up, in which three fingers are on top of the

    三指變速球或 trophy change up,三隻手指放在球的上方,

  • baseball and the thumb and the pinkie fingers are attached below the baseball.


  • And the circle change up, where the player will make an okay symbol

    然後是圈指變速球,投手會做出 okay 的手勢,

  • with his pointer finger and thumb and drape the other three fingers around the baseball.


  • As with all change ups, it's imperative that pitchers


  • not slow down their delivery when delivering a change up. Otherwise, the batter will be tipped off.


  • Another pitch that's an effective pitch to use at higher levels is the


  • split finger fast ball. The split finger fast ball, which was mastered by Mike Scott in the late 1970s,

    那就是快速指叉球, 70 年代末的Mike Scott 精通此球種,

  • early 1980s, has been used by many players since, including Roger Clemens.

    而 80 年代後許多球員也開始使用,包括 Roger Clemens。

  • The split finger fast ball is held between


  • the pointer finger and the middle finger, and it is thrown just two to


  • three miles an hour slower than a fast ball. The batter perceives that it's

    只比快速球慢 2 到 3 英里。打者會以為

  • a fast ball approaching, and then the ball drops right out from under.


  • And he swings over it quite commonly.


  • The fork ball is a similar pitch to the split finger fast ball, except that


  • it's held deeper in the hand. As a result, it goes slower than a split finger fast ball


  • and it has a tumbling action. The fork ball has been


  • perfected by a couple of pitchers in history, namely, Jack Morris, in the mid-1980s and early '90s

    投得好的投手也不少,像是 80 年中和 90 年初的 Jack Morris

  • and most recently, Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants.

    以及現在舊金山巨人的 Tim Lincecum。

  • Another pitch that's become very popular is the knuckle ball.


  • R.A. Dickey of the New York Mets has had a Cy Young-level season by perfecting the knuckle ball.

    紐約大都會的 R.A. Dickey 靠著完美的蝴蝶球,投出賽揚等級的賽季,

  • He has the fastest knuckle ball in history.


  • The curve ball is a pitch thrown with the two fingers next to each other


  • along one of the seams on the baseball. This ball will break from nose to


  • toes or 12 to 6 as hands on a clock. An effective curve ball is thrown with

    從上到下或 12 點到 6 點鐘一樣。強而有力的曲球投法,

  • the fingers leading the way and the back of the hand being thrown towards the catcher.


  • Dwight "Doc" Gooden was known to throw an excellent nose to toes curve ball.

    Dwight 「Doc」 Gooden 也是以優秀的大幅度曲球為名。

  • And in modern times, Stephen Strasburg of the Washington

    現代的話,華盛頓國民的 Stephen Strasburg

  • Nationals has a very sharp, breaking curve ball.


  • The slider is another effective which pitchers can use to throw off


  • hitters' timing. The slider is a combination fast ball and curve ball, and


  • it's thrown much more like a fast ball. And the pitcher will put his


  • fingers together against the seam and really focus on that middle finger as he delivers the pitch.


  • C.C. Sabathia is a modern-day pitcher who throws an effective slider.

    C.C. Sabathia 是現代投手中,將滑球投得相當好的人。

  • Decades ago, Bob Gibson was known for having a wicked slider.

    幾十年前,Bob Gibson 以出色的滑球聞名。

  • And perhaps most famously, David Cone, in July of 1999, threw a

    但最有名的可能還是 David Cone,他在 1999 年 7 月

  • perfect game by throwing a very sharp, nasty slider.


There are a variety of different baseball pitching grips that pitchers can



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