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Coffee or caffeine in the morning is a necessity.
After all, it stimulates your central nervous system,
elevates your mood, and increases your alertness.
But for those times that it's not available
or for those who don't drink it,
here are some scientific tips to kick your body into gear.
Number one, find the light.
Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain, and is critical in regulating your sleep.
When it's dark, your body produces more melatonin, making you sleepy.
And when it's light, the production of melatonin drops.
So open those curtains, go outside, and expose yourself to light in the morning
to decrease melatonin production and physiologically wake your body up.
If you have to wake up in darkness, try an illuminating alarm clock.
They slowly fill your room with light to wake you up naturally.
Two, end your shower with cold water.
Studies show that exposing yourself to cold water can activate
components of the brain responsible for regulating wakefulness,
making you feel alert.
Researchers have also found that the shock of cold shower water
can increase your metabolic rate further, reducing feelings of fatigue.
Three, hydrate yourself.
Up to sixty percent of your body is water.
While sleeping, you sweat, breathe, get up to urinate, or poop.
All of which dehydrate you.
Studies show that even mild dehydration decreases alertness,
increases fatigue, and negatively affects mental concentration.
So in the morning, grab a glass of water
to replenish your fluids to fight off that tired feeling.
And don't forget to drink water throughout the day to stay alert.
Four, eat a healthy breakfast.
Researchers have found that participants feel more alert
after consuming a meal first thing in the morning.
If the meal was high in simple sugars, like a donut,
the alertness wore off quickly, whereas if the meal was high in fiber
and carbohydrates, like oats, alertness lasted longer throughout the morning.
Another study found that breakfasts high in fat taste better,
but led to consuming more food throughout the day
as opposed to a high fiber and carbohydrate breakfast which
satiated hunger and increased cognitive function throughout the day.
Five, drink some orange juice.
Citrus fruits ,like oranges, are rich in molecules called "flavonoids"
Flavonoids have been linked to slowing cognitive decline due to aging,
and decreasing the onset of Neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimers.
One study found that participants who consumed flavonoid-rich
orange juice had increased alertness and cognitive function
compared to their counterparts who were fed a placebo.
Number six, be physically active in the morning.
Studies have found that physically active students perform better
on tests than those who are less active.
Physical activity enhances cognition due to the increased blood flow
throughout the body, providing your brain with more oxygen
and increasing mental performance.
And the hippocampus, which is part of the brain critical for
learning and memory, is highly active during exercise.
And seven, listen to music.
Music has the ability to create a state of arousal, causing pupils
to dilate and blood pressure to increase.
It can also increase activation in regions of the brain
associated with movement and emotion while potentially
releasing the "feel good" chemical, dopamine, throughout your body.
So build that wake up playlist.
And subscribe for more weekly science videos.



早上不喝咖啡也能精神百倍?七個早晨醒腦小撇步(7 Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee)

92404 分類 收藏
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