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  • What's up guys! Welcome to Inspire To Cook!

  • Today, I am going to show you how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!

  • It's going to be cheezelicious and you can easily do it at home

  • Let's do it!

  • All you going to need for this is: a little bit of butter, cheese of course

  • And I am going to use the white bread. You can choose the bread of your choice

  • Of course we going to need the actual pan to fry it in

  • the flipping thing to flip it with

  • And I will use a little bit of mayonnaise

  • I am actually going to use the homemade mayo

  • I am going to use the homemade mayonnaise we've done in the previous video

  • You can check it out, the link is in the description

  • And it's going to be very simple! Let's do it!

  • First thing I am going to do is I am going to put my pan on the cook top

  • And I am going to switch it up to Medium, Medium/High Heat

  • Then, I am going to grab my two pieces of bread

  • And put my mayonnaise on top of it, just a little bit

  • And we will apply the mayo on one surface of each piece of bread

  • And we are going to go to our pan

  • The we'll cut a small piece of butter and we are going to throw it on our pan

  • Make sure it's hot so it will starts melting right away

  • We will get our first piece of bread and we will put it with the mayonnaise side down

  • We will put about 4 pieces of cheese on our bread

  • You can put six, depending on how much you like it

  • And we'll cover it up with the other piece of bread with the mayonnaise side up

  • You wanna make sure you keep the heat at medium to medium/low

  • when you have the sandwich on the pan

  • As it actually helps the cheese melt proportionally

  • before the bread starts frying too much

  • we are going to let it fry for a little while

  • until one side gets grilled a little bit and gets a little bit of a color on one side

  • The beauty of this recipe is it's a very simple recipe

  • you can do it in any weather, you don't have to go out outside to grill it

  • So why not?!

  • Ok, one side looks like it's about to be done

  • So we gonna pick it up

  • and flip it

  • And if you didn't grill it enough one side we can comeback to it and grill it again

  • So we know that we need to hold it on the grill a little bit longer

  • Ummm!

  • You can smell the cheezeliciosness of this sandwich!

  • The other side looks like it's completely ready, so I flipped it

  • And we are gong to let it grill until the other side is as brown

  • Alright, it looks like the sandwich is ready

  • We are going to put it on our cutting board and let it rest for a little

  • And I am going to cut it along to make it look even nicer and to make it easier to eat

  • Or even in four pieces

  • to make sure it's easy and comfortable to eat

  • And as you see the cheese is actually all nice and melty

  • ummm!

  • cheezelicious!

  • the bread is crunchy!

  • The cheese is melty and hot!

  • Uhhuu!!

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video

  • Don't forget to subscribe, try to make this sandwich at home and let me know in comments below what you think

  • Cheeze out!!

  • this is good!

  • This is very good!

  • Cheezelicious??

  • Speaks in Russian: "Да" - Yes

  • Ok

  • You look tired

  • I am look tired

  • No, no, no. it's not "I am looked" it's "I do"...I LOOK very tired

  • I am looked very tired

What's up guys! Welcome to Inspire To Cook!


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如何製作完美的烤奶酪三明治? (How To Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich)

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