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  • Are you ready? Meatloaf or sesame chicken? I also have personal pizzas.


  • [11 signs your single is showing]


  • [You crave human contact] Chloe, so good to see you.

    [渴望與人類的接觸] 克Chloe,見到你真好。

  • Shh. Let me have this.


  • [You become a dating app expert] You can only swipe right 25 times with this app. It has a limit.

    [成為交友軟體的達人] 這個 app 你一天只能右滑 25 次,它有上限。(右滑表示喜歡)

  • I hate it every day.


  • But if you don't want a limit, you should check out Datemate. Unlimited swipes all day.

    但是如果你不想要有上限,你可以用用看 Datemate 這個程式。可以每天滑到無上限。

  • [You look for anyone to argue with...] In 1,000 feet, turn right onto Vine Street.

    [任何人都可以找架吵] 在 1000 英尺後向右轉進到 Vine 街。

  • How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going that way.


  • Turn right onto Vine Street.

    請右轉進 Vine 街。

  • God, you never listen to me.


  • OK, I'm sorry I yelled. You were right about that turn.


  • [You develop single goggles] Oh, OK. My cousin Sam is single. What about her?

    [標準變高] 對了,我表妹 Sam 單身。她如何?

  • Mmm... - I could hook you up.

    嗯... - 我可以幫你們搭上線。

  • No. Not really my type.


  • [Two very single weeks later...]


  • That's Sam? Your cousin, huh?

    那是 Sam嗎?你表妹對吧?

  • Hey, what's she... - She's taken.

    她... - 她非單了。

  • OK... Yeah... Dammit.


  • Who's your type now?


  • [It's hard not to sound sarcastic...] Oh, my God. I'm so happy for you.

    [講話聽起來很諷刺...] 我的天阿,我真為你們感到開心。

  • [When talking to happy people] Sorry, that came out wrong.

    [尤其是跟開心的人講話的時候] 對不起,我說錯話了。

  • Uh, I really hope you two make it.


  • I have a friend I can set you up with.


  • That'd be amazing.


  • Why don't I just give him your number, right, babe? - Yeah, sounds good.

    不如我給他妳的電話?這樣好嗎?寶貝?- 好啊,聽起來不錯。

  • You're so cute. - You're perfect.

    你真可愛。- 妳真完美。

  • [Social media is a bummer]


  • (Chloe wants to meet you! Where should I tell her to go?)

    (Chole 想跟你見面!我要跟他說約哪?)

  • Yes! You're... OK.

    好耶!你... 沒事。

  • [You treat everything like your boyfriend] Come here, sweet boy. My one and only love of my life. Yes. Yes.

    [把所有東西當男友一樣對待] 過來寶貝,我生命中唯一的最愛。沒錯我的愛。

  • Oh, darling? Where have you been, my love?


  • I love you more than words. I'll never leave you.


  • {Your date is set! Deyo will meet you at the cafe at 2!)

    (你的約會喬好了!Deyo 兩點在咖啡店等你!)

  • Sorry, bed.


  • [You get way too into breakup songs]


  • Chl... Chloe?

    你是 Chloe 嗎?

  • [You forget how to talk to attractive humans] Yes. Me. That's me.

    [忘記怎麼跟有魅力的人講話] 是的,沒錯,我是。

  • Oh, you're... boy.

    噢,你.... 天啊。

  • [You can't remember how to flirt] Wow, you are... all right. All right. No. No. Um, not... you're all right in a good way, not in an average way.

    [忘記怎麼調情] 哇,你... 不錯。不是,我是指你很不錯,不是普通的不錯。

  • You're amazing. You're beyond my expectations.


  • Thank you?


  • [Don't worry. You'll get your groove back...] Can we start over? Are... are you hungry?

    [別擔心。你會進入佳境的] 我們可以再來一遍嗎? 你... 餓了嗎?

  • Yeah, I'm starving.


  • Hi, Starving, I'm Deyo. [...Eventually]

    嗨 Starving,我是 Deyo。[最後會進入佳境啦]

  • Food... Yeah...

    食物... 對...。

Are you ready? Meatloaf or sesame chicken? I also have personal pizzas.


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你單身多久了?11個表示你已經單身過久的特徵! (11 Signs Your “Single” Is Showing)

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