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  • People often ask me why I’m vegan, and honestly, I haven’t found a reason not to be; so I

  • decided to do a number of little clips that have bite-sized information about different

  • reasons to go veganso first things first. If you are wondering where my hair went, you

  • should watch my other video. If you are wondering what the background noise is, here you go

  • [dog snoring].

  • Let’s start with our first reason to go veganENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. In order to

  • make one pound of beef, we have to use two thousand five hundred (2,500) gallons of water,

  • fifty-five (55) square feet of rainforest, sixteen (16) pounds of grain and and eighty

  • (80) kilograms of CO2.

  • You can save more water by not eating one pound of beef than you can for not showering

  • for an entire six months! Then there is the land that we use, the equivalent

  • of seven football fields is bulldozed every minute worldwide in order to make more room

  • for farmed animals. Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming

  • than all the transportation in the world combined. It is actually the number one cause of climate

  • change.

  • It takes more than eleven times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein

  • as it does to make one calorie from animal protein. And if all of that isn’t enough

  • for you, every second in the United States, eighty-nine thousand (89,000) pounds of faecal

  • matter is produced by our farmed animalsOh yes, you heard that correctlyclose to

  • ninety thousand (90,000) pounds of poop every second with no waste management treatment.

  • What we just went over is only scratching the surface of the environmental impact of

  • the meat and dairy industries on our planet but I promised to keep these short and frankly,

  • she’s exhausted.

  • Please join me next time when we go over the second bite-sized reason to go vegan.

People often ask me why I’m vegan, and honestly, I haven’t found a reason not to be; so I


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用你的飲食拯救環境! (Save the Environment with Your Diet!)

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