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March is a warm and blossom season, 三月春暖花開
the most beautiful 正是台南最美
and busy season in Tainan. 最熱鬧的一個季節
Full blossoms along the roadsides 道路兩旁滿滿都是盛開中的花朵
with green leaves that incorporate with various colors 一片接一片 碧綠的葉子襯托著多種顏色的花朵
always catch the eye of tourists. 總是會吸引許多遊客的目光
If you come to Tainan, 到臺南
there are more things besides flower watching. 不只賞花
Tainan has various flower related cultural and creative products. 還有許多關於各種不同花的創意產品
Let’s take a look. 就讓我們一起去了解一下吧!
In addition to orchids displayed in the Show, 國際蘭花展除了展示蘭花之外
we also have cultural and creative orchid products. 也有蘭花的文創商品
We provide you not only the visual enjoyment 讓美不只是視覺享受
but also practical use in life. 更能融入生活中
Designed by Orchid Show industries, 蘭展業者設計的卡片
the card integrated with app 結合App功能
and its function. 與數位化的應用
You will see the 3-D image of monkey orchid. 可以看到有3D立體的猴子蘭
You click the bud not bloomed, 這邊沒有開花的花苞你點一下
and you see a full bloom. 他就開花了
Click i 這邊有一個i
for information, 就是Information
First one for introducing "Monkey Orchid" 第一個他會介紹猴子蘭
and its flower meaning 他的花語是什麼
Second for telling you its origin 第二個他原生地在哪裡
and third for its story behind. 第三個他有什麼樣的Story故事
There is also interactive educational training. 另外還有互動教學
You will be taught how to cultivate orchids. 教你如何養蘭花
Through the information, 透過這些資訊
you will understand orchids better. 對蘭花有更深入的認識
We just saw silver installation, 剛才看了銀飾這邊
very delicate. 非常的精緻
Silver is used to sculpture the orchid. 而且用銀來雕塑蘭花
It’s very beautiful. 非常的漂亮
In TIOS, 蘭展裡面我們是以
our project is based on the theme of “Office Girls” 小資女蘭展 蘭花的系列去做推出
for illustrating a simple theme. 我們希望切入一個比較簡單的主題
Moth Orchid is another one for everyone to easily understand. 蝴蝶蘭的部分讓大家更容易了解
So, in this part, 所以在這個部分的設計
we have two dimensional design 我們以平面式的設計
and three dimensional design like the Moth Orchid one. 跟蝴蝶蘭立體式的一個設計
Besides Moth Orchid, 蘭展的部分有蝴蝶蘭以外
we also develop Slipper Orchids. 我們也開發了仙履蘭的部分
there will be more new varieties. 我們也陸陸續續再開發新的品種
Please look forward to it. 請大家敬請期待
Silverware cultural & creative products of orchids 蘭花系列的銀飾文創商品
capture the image of orchids 將蘭花永恆保存永不凋零
for keeping its appearance permanently. 延續視覺的饗宴
Do you want to know how does Orchid silverwares make? 想知道蘭花銀飾的製作過程嗎?
Let’s see how it goes. 一起來看看銀飾體驗製作
We’re using 999 fine silver. 我們是用999純銀的
Because 999 fine silver is more flexible 因為999純銀質地比較軟
for shaping. 塑形比較好塑形
First step is annealing 我們第一步動作是退火
the metal will stiffen after processing 因為我們材料經過加工後會變硬
we need to anneal the metal to make it flexible. 所以我們要經由退火這個步驟讓材質變鬆軟
Step two is smoothing rough edges 第二個步驟是整平材料有一個口訣是敲凸不敲翹
Smooth the metal by hammering slightly 稍微打就可以慢慢整平我們的材料
then forming 接下來是塑形
by hammering around 旋轉著敲
by hammering,the metal can be shape round 運用敲打的方式將材料敲圓
It will become bigger, and formed. 他會慢慢變大 塑形
Next step is sawing the extra metal 接著是將多餘的材料鋸掉
Then comes the soldering 接下來是焊接
Try to put the ends together seamlessly 盡量將材料的接合點靠緊
and apply some flux on the joint 在接合點上抹上助溶劑
then apply solder. 接著放置焊藥
Heat up the solder by conduction to make it stick to it. 先用導熱的方式讓焊藥固定
After heating the metal, 材料升溫後
take the torch to heat up again evenly. 火槍再繞著造型移動
Now is time for filling. 接下來是銼
To file the joint into its smooth. 將焊接的點銼平
Last step is polishing. 最後是拋光
Use jewelry files to polish first 先用小銼刀做初步拋光
and let the machine to do the rest. 再用機器拋光即可完成
Cultural & creative products of orchid not only made the shape of it 花文創除了雕塑花的造型外
but also make it into natural dye. 還可以將植物做成天然的染劑
How natural dye has been made? 來製作植物染
Take a look at it. 一起來看看植物染的製作方式
Plant dyeing uses common plants in our life, 那植物染就是取用生活中常見的植物
and we use plants with durable colors 我們會使用染色煎熬度比較夠的植物
such as fruit trees, 像是一般我們的果樹
such as longan or lychee trees. 龍眼木或是荔枝樹
They are good resources of plant dyes. 他就是可以染色很好的植物
I am going to introduce you 今天要為大家介紹
how to dye your scarf with plant dyes. 植物染的頭巾製作方式
Normally, we use cotton 我們一般會使用棉布
since it is the basic fabric. 棉布他是個比較基礎的布料使用
The first step after acquiring the fabric we want 拿到布料第一個動作
is to starch the fabric. 要去漿
You need to wash the fabric. 將這塊布搓洗乾淨
During the washing process, 在搓洗的過程中
you strike the fabric 拍打這塊布
to loosen its fabric structure. 可以讓他的纖維鬆開
Next is refinery. 接下來是精鍊
Use hot water at temperature between 40 and 60°C. 使用四十度到六十度的熱水
Add baking powder. 加入小蘇打粉
Then you put the clean fabric in 放入搓洗乾淨的布
to remove dirt and grease on the fabric. 將布的油污洗乾淨
We will think of some dyeing patterns. 我們染布都會想要製作一些圖案
We basically have some dyeing patterns. 那我們基本會有幾個製作圖案的方式
Common dyeing methods are tie and clutch dyeing. 一般比較常見的就是綁染和夾染
First is to demonstrate the irregular clutch dyeing. 首先示範的不規則型的夾染
Fold the fabric as you wish. 將布隨意折疊
Then use the wooden clutch. 最後用木片夾住
Then tighten the fabric with rubber bands. 再用橡皮筋捆緊
The clutch position preserves the original color of fabric. 木片夾住的位置會保留原布料的顏色
The irregular folding helps to create patterns. 透過不規則型的折疊創造出圖形
The fineness of blanket line will be decided through the tightness level. 留白的線條粗細決定於綑綁物的粗細
Next is tie dyeing. 接下來示範的是綁染
It’s also named hank dyeing. 他其實也稱為絞染
We normally use cotton threads 我們通常會選用棉線
for tie dyeing. 來做一個綁染的處理
You need to put the fabric pre-treated in the dyeing pot. 將製作好的布料放進染鍋裡
You put it in the pot for about 30 to 40 minutes. 大約熬煮30至40分鐘即可
Dyes used here 熬煮的染劑
come from plant source. Then you filter the dyes. 全都是使用植物熬煮 過濾
After filtering, you begin dyeing. 過濾完才可以染布
After dyeing, 染完布之後
you also need to clean the fabric. 要做清洗的動作
After cleaning, you now dry the fabric 清洗完以後要將布陰乾
to have more durable colors. 讓顏色更穩定
It is quite relaxing to make plant dyeing. 做植物染是一件很舒服的事情
It requires energy, 雖然他是非常勞動的
a lot of body energy, but 他需要很大的體力可是
when you open the fabric after dyeing, 打開的剎那間
it often surprises you very much. 是非常驚喜的
I enjoy very much the process. 我還蠻享受那個過程
Flower cultural and creative products are not the visual presentation 花文創不僅是視覺表現
but the prolonged life of flowers. 可以延續其生命力
Integrating with creation, 融入創作中
art can create more values. 更能與藝術結合創造更大的價值


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