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  • (intense music)

  • - I've traded when I was in middle school.


  • - I think I can get to a house in a week, why not?


  • - Let's go!


  • (energetic music)

  • We don't use bartering in our everyday society.


  • I walked up to these two nice gentlemen,

  • and I offered them the paperclip,

  • and they gave me a nice postcard,

  • which I thought was a fair and equal trade.

  • - She got a bigger paperclip!

  • Devon traded her paperclip for a postcard,

  • and I ended up going up to those same guys

  • and trading my paperclip for a bigger paperclip.

  • - I went into this being really realistic,

  • I was like "hey, it's a paperclip,

  • "so let's give me something comparable."

  • Whereas I feel like Alaska kinda went into it,

  • seeing like "what's the best thing I could get?"

  • - Got a sticker.

  • - A sticker?

  • It was two kids who were going to school

  • or coming back from school or something.

  • Hell yeah!

  • Would you be down to trade for a paperclip?

  • Hell yeah!

  • - Next logical step was to try to see

  • if I could get some kind of a gift card.

  • So I went up to this one guy.

  • Do you have like a FroYo gift card?

  • My plan was gonna get a little sticky.

  • (Devin laughs)

  • He tried to trade me a postcard for his hotel room key.

  • Lesson learned, there are weird people in Hollywood.

  • Then I found another guy on the street,

  • I knowingly traded my postcard for a gift card

  • that I knew was only worth 26 cents.

  • - You have something of value I could trade it for?

  • So I met this rapper,

  • traded him the Hell Yeah sticker for two dollars.

  • Yeah dude, yeah, couple bucks would work.

  • - I was wondering if I could trade for your knife.

  • I offered her the gift card and instead of the knife,

  • she gave me her wooden spoon

  • with her name tattooed to the edge of it,

  • which I thought was super cool.

  • - You're gonna remember me forever.

  • (Devon laughs)

  • - Devon's spoon was cool, I'll give her that,

  • but it's no match to what I have.

  • (dramatic music)

  • - I put up an ad on Craigslist to see who would bite.

  • The answer is: nobody in Los Angeles wants to trade

  • for a wooden spoon.

  • - It's harder than I thought to continue to trade up

  • as you get bigger and bigger things.

  • - I have not felt this rejected since 11th grade

  • when I had to ask someone else to prom.

  • - I think I'm doing really well in the competition.

  • - I ended up trading (stifled laughter) for this.

  • Hello?

  • - I was able to turn two dollars into five dollars.

  • For my five dollars,

  • I traded this unopened portable charging device.

  • I'm not gonna stop here, I'm gonna keep going.

  • - Ring ring ring ring, who is it?

  • Oh, it's victory.

  • (tense music)

  • - At the beginning of this, I was like,

  • way overly competitive, and just wanted to crush Devon.

  • - People look at their lives

  • and assess what they're willing to give up,

  • and the answer is very little.

  • - Motivation is at an all-time low.

  • How the fuck am I supposed to trade for this shit?

  • - Now I'm considering, what do people have on their person

  • that is worth 10 to 15 dollars,

  • that they'd want to trade for this thing?

  • - After seeing how hard all this is, I'm like,

  • me and Devon are kind of in this together,

  • (blissful music) let's just see

  • what cool things we can come up with together.

  • We ended up combining our items

  • and trading them for an experience

  • that we both wanted to do.

  • - Yeah!

  • - The guys selling these Hollywood tours

  • are always out there,

  • they're like "Hollywood tours! Hollywood tours!"

  • - Alaska and Devon.

  • - [Devon] Yes.

  • - Those are hard names to forget right there.

  • - Yeah.

  • We out hustled the hustler.

  • - Yeah!

  • - Oh shoot, you guys should go any time you want.

  • You can get the local California price,

  • it's no problem.

  • Put them on the tour and let 'em ride around.

  • - Yes let's do it!

  • - We might go on a ride!

  • I've actually lived here for five years

  • and I've never gone on a Hollywood tour.

  • - Yeah, neither have I.

  • - It's crazy to me that we,

  • that derived from a paperclip.

  • - Yeah. - It all came from one,

  • two, two paperclips.

  • - Paperclips are things you throw away,

  • and we turned it into this over 80 dollar experience

  • that people come to Hollywood to do,

  • that's truly remarkable.

  • - Mike, how much is this worth?

  • - 79 dollars.

  • - Alaska and I already made plans to go this weekend.

  • - Yes!

  • The takeaway for me from this whole experience, I guess,

  • money is just a representation of where we put value,

  • and I realized that we actually put too much value

  • on the paper bills.

  • - I would say friendship is the real prize.

  • - It was. Friendship was the real prize.

  • - Let's just, we're gonna hug it out.

  • - Hug it out!

(intense music)

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迴紋針可以換到一間房子嗎? (People Try To Trade A Paper Clip To A House)

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