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What does a "natural" label mean to you?
I would say that a natural label means
that there are fewer chemicals.
I would say natural means basically organic.
I would buy a product that had a natural label,
as opposed to one that didn't.
It says natural cheese.
What do you think that means?
That's what's scary.
I don't know what that means.
Does natural mean no GMOs, or I don't know.
Who knows?
In spite of the fact that many people assume
that foods carrying this label are somehow better for you,
the word natural on processed food labels is meaningless.
Processed foods labeled natural can contain
GMOs, artificial ingredients, and can be
produced with toxic pesticides.
That is why Consumer Reports wants the Food and Drug
Administration to either ban the label,
or define it so it meets consumer expectations.
I think it's very confusing for most people
as to what is the difference between natural and organic.
If they refuse to ban the term, for processed foods,
the natural label should mean organic,
no artificial ingredient, and be verified.
Companies put the word natural on their labels
because they know it will sell.
I think they do it so that people buy it.
They want to like fool us into buying something
that's not necessarily good.
Let's stop being misled.
Sign our petition calling on the FDA to either ban the natural
label or define it meaningfully, at ConsumersUnion.org/natural.
Thank you for your support.


什麼是天然標籤 (What You Should Know About the “Natural” Label | Consumer Reports)

5522 分類 收藏
Elma Kung 發佈於 2016 年 5 月 19 日    皓芸 翻譯    吳宜臻 審核
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