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  • bjbj Capturing all the best moments at a wedding is important but it's not the only thing that

  • makes the wedding video special. In order to make sure that your effort is getting the

  • emotional impact that you want, you'll need to know some tricks for putting together a

  • compelling edit that your client can cherish forever. One of the hardest things to gauge

  • when it comes to wedding videos is figuring out what type of services you should offer.

  • Budgets vary from one wedding video to the next, so it's best to have a production package

  • that even those on the tightest of budgets can afford. Diversity is key to any successful

  • business and weddings are no exception, and because of this, you'll want to offer special

  • services like love stories or even slideshows, and the best part is these can all be done

  • before the wedding even starts. Love stories are short video stories detailing how the

  • bridge and groom fell in love. It will include interviews while showing video of them together

  • in a romantic setting. On the other hand, a memory slideshow is usually pictures of

  • the couple from the time they're young until the time they got engaged set to music. For

  • emphasis, these photos are linked into a video editing application while using key frames

  • for scale and position. These videos can give added value to your production and are very

  • enticing for your clients as they can see it right at the wedding itself. With the power

  • and speed of video editing laptops getting faster and faster every day, it might be a

  • good idea to offer same-day edits. Same-day edits give you competitive advantage over

  • other wedding video services, as they allow the bridge and the groom to see highlights

  • of the wedding before the excitement of the day wears off. Pulling off same-day edits

  • requires some preplanning and some extra equipment. You'll need to have a powerful laptop that

  • you can set up in an area close to where the event is happening. While the reception is

  • underway you can pull the footage from your camera and edit it to a template that you

  • have previously made. Once you have done that you can connect your laptop to a projector

  • and show everyone at the reception an artistic perspective on the wedding day. Now that you've

  • captured everything, you've come to the next important step, editing the ceremony and reception.

  • This is a step where you can turn your footage into something special.

  • If you've shot the wedding with multiple cameras, then your first step will be syncing up each

  • piece of the footage with your audio. To make this process easier, some companies have designed

  • plug-ins that can analyze the audio from each video track in your production and sync them

  • up automatically. If you don't have this luxury, you can sync your cameras by placing markers

  • where camera flashes occur in your video and then shifting your footage so that each camera

  • flash in the video lines up with one another. Most professional editing applications also

  • have a multi-cam feature that will allow you to cut your video much like a director would

  • at a live event, by clicking on the footage you want while playing back the video. Once

  • you have done that you can go back in your timeline and add common transitions to your

  • edits, such as cross-dissolves, additive dissolves and fade to blacks. In order to give your

  • wedding videos a more professional touch, you may want to think about making a themed

  • menu system that will allow you to get to the most important parts quickly, along with

  • a printed graphic on the DVD surface. In order to make a themed-menu, you might want to think about customizing a template

  • found in a popular DVD authoring program. From there, you can add chapters to your videos

  • at areas of interest, such as the exchanging of the rings and the bride's entrance. Once

  • the DVD is burned, you can use inkjet printable disks in order to print a graphic on the front

  • of your DVD which will ultimately look more professional. Since the DVD cover and the

  • menu is the first thing your clients will see, making it look professional will get

  • you started off right. There is nothing more rewarding than the look on people's faces

  • as they watch the magic of their wedding day. By knowing some helpful tips for creating

  • wedding videos right, you too can ensure that all your wedding videos are as special as

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bjbj Capturing all the best moments at a wedding is important but it's not the only thing that


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婚禮攝像。後期製作 (Wedding Videography: Post Production)

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