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I really love the article.
and you talk in here about, uh...
for whatever reason, there...
and it's a small group.
trust me, it's a small group, but they're loud.
and for,'CAUSE I went through this.
and voices that don't like you.
and say mean things [that] really stick with you.
for some reason more than voices that say:"you're great!"
so what... when that was going on
after the oscars.
which you should have been celebrating.
you won an oscar, and then all of a sudden.
explain to us how..
'cause you accidentally googled something,
and then this is what you found.
yeah, um, and thank you for all the kind things you said.
in the asking of that question.
um, yeah, I had..
I'd gotten out of the habitof googling myself.
because that's just a bad idea to ever do that.
and I...I was trying to come up with a ...
my friends and I had an idea for funny or die,
and we wanted to, like,
do something on celebrity pregnancy rumors.
so we just googled "pregnancy rumors"
and then the story came up, and
what was the story?
the story, the title of it was,
"why does everybody hate Annie Hathaway?"
so I think--and you know--I know.
It's okay. It's really okay.
no no no, It has a happy ending.
life continues
yes, but I know what that feels like.
and I think when people write things like that.
or say things like that, It's cyberbulying.
and do how did you deal with all that?
I listened at first.
and that-- I couldn't help it.
you know, you, um--and you try to shut it off.
and I couldn't, and then I realized why I couldn't.
was I hadn't learned to love myself yet.
I hadn't gotten there.
and if you don't love yourself.
when someone else says horrible things to you.
part of you is always gonna believe them.
and I -- so then I was like,
okay, I don't want to believe these people.
I don't want to agree with them on any level.
I want to-- and I --
I'm gonna figure out who I am.
I'm gonna learn who I am.
and I don't wanna feel like I'm fragile every time I leave the house.
because I'm so dependent.
on what other people think about me.
so I just took a step back.
and as Matthew would say--
Matthwe Mcconaughey,my co-star in "Interstellar" would say--
I just kept living.
and it's been a really cool journey.
and I feel like I've arrived in a place.
where, you know, maybe not every minute of every day.
but way more than I used to,
I have a tremendous amount of love and compassion.
for everyone else.
and best of all, I have it for myself.
which I never enjoyed before.
good, good. [cheers and applause]
thank you.
all right.
you know, there's a great phrase.
that what you think of me is none of my business.
that is--yes.
and you have to just, you know.
and there's nothing wrong with being fragile.
I think it's a beautiful thing.
I think I'm fragile. I'm extremely sensitive.
I--I cry easily.
I'm also a very strong woman.
and I also believe in myself.
but, you know, people get their feelings hurt.
but you can have all those things.
you can be fragile, you can be sensitive.
you can be strong, and , um-
but I think it's just, it's hurtful.
and people need to know there are other people.
on the other side of those things.



【艾倫秀】安海瑟威如何看待自己被霸凌 (Anne Hathaway on Her Bullies)

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peihan110 發佈於 2016 年 9 月 19 日   鄭小鬼 翻譯   Kiara 審核



1go through0:10
go through 是個非常好用的片語,可以套用在不同的情境,而艾倫這句話的 go through 則是「經歷某事」的意思。小編在這裡整理了幾個常用的意思,讓大家參考參考囉!

1. 搜查/尋找東西
Last night, someone broke into our office and went through all the drawers.

2. 經歷(某件不愉快的事)
I can't imagine what they have gone through.

3. (用很快的速度)用完/吃完/花完(某個東西)
Mary'd gone through all her money by the end of the first week of her holiday.

4. 練習
We have to go through our presentation at least once tonight before tomorrow's meeting starts.

5. 閃過...想法
Last night when I was going to bed, the thought of breaking up with John went through my mind.

Bruno Mars 火星人布魯諾 - Grenade (Bruno Mars - Grenade) (歌詞/lyrics)

2stick with somebody0:15
影片中的 stick with you ,意思是:「黏著你不放」,換句話說,就是你想擺脫也擺脫不了啊!stick with 這個片語隨著後面接的受詞是「人」還是「東西」,意思會大不相同喔!

1. someone stick(s) with someone : 跟某人保持良好關係
If John wants to graduate on time, he had better stick with Mike. After all, Mike is the one who can help John to work on his final exams.

2. something stick(s) with someone : 某人一直記得某件事
It was a moment that has stuck with me for years.

3. stick with something : 一直做某件事
We are going to stick with the same baseball team as last summer.

3get out of the habit of doing something0:40
get out of the habit... 的意思就是「擺脫...的習慣」。安海瑟薇說的 "I'd gotten out of the habit of googling myself." 就表示,她已經擺脫掉 google 自己的習慣囉!
It took Jerry two years to get out of the habit of smoking.

I must get out of the habit of calling “Da'ren Lee” from time to time.

來補充兩個 get out 的片語。

首先是 get out of the/one's way,就是「不要擋路的意思」。
Get out of my way, or I will let you know how the hell looks like.

再來是 get out of sight,是「讓...離開我的視線範圍」的意思。
I hate insects! Get that flying creature out of my sight!

"cyber-" 的意思是「與網路相關的」,因此「網路霸凌」就是 cyberbullying ,「網路文化」是 cyber-culture
We should stop cyberbullying by enacting some laws.

除此之外,在網路上「肉搜」或是「起底」,英文就是 cyber manhunt
Netizens launched a cyber manhunt for the young model.

形容迷上某人,所以一直上網找這個人的FB資料與照片的行為,我們則稱作:cyberstalk (v.) 或 cyberstalking (n.) 「網路追蹤」。stalking 通常表示不正常、不健康的追蹤。
I think he's cyberstalking me because he knows everything that I've posted on Facebook!
我猜他在網路跟蹤我。我所有 PO 到臉書的東西他都知道!

什麼!! 八卦竟然有驚人好處!? (The Shocking Benefits Of Gossiping!)





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