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How's it going Bros my name is Pew *Zelda music*
Today's video might seem a little mean, but it was requested by you Bros
Now some would say that these pictures are not up to standard
But I'm here to say....no
They are perfect the way they are
So I'm gonna take the original photo and changed it (nice grammar there Pewds) to the fanart art so it matches
Thats how good of a person I am
Thats how much I love my fans
If people don't realize this by now
*Cool Head Trun*
Ah Man
First picture is a
classic brofist where is it
I swear I've seen this fuckin picture
Im gonna ask twitter for the oringal
to this fanart see if they can fin....
here it is
it must be this one
Why do I look so fat on this picture was I fat
so heres this one lets fix it up
so clearly my
eyes are disproportionate
Obviously my eye belongs in my forehead
much better
*Random Background Music*
ok the forehead needs to be adjusted
like I knew my forehead was big
but I didn't know
I guess I never realized how big it actually it is
Is that
That forehead is something
*dramatic music*
*Scanning noises*
they line up perfectly
*Pewds Laughing*
oh that's good
Look at that
Its like almost 100%
It's a 100% accurate Fanart
And I really appreciate the talent
Fuck The Haters
Now here's another great
great one.
Listen. I am not stomping over
You bros took art
I am just trying to correct
Now the tricky part about this
picture is that it's kinda hard
to tell where the oringal is from
But I do believe its anders game
And I think it's this pic pic picture....
For some fucked up reason the photagrapher
messed up my face
this is how it looked like
So let's uuuhh let's adjust it to
the oringal
You know what?! thats fucking good
*Felix Laughing*
Nothin' needed
I'm seriously thinking the guy or girl
printed out the picture
and over layed it you know when you put the
picture towards the window
and you could just fill it in.. these proportions
are a little to perfect for me to think
they didn't just do that and my nose
my nose is spot on honestly like I appreciate that
Okay well let's fix this shit man
*more random background music *
I need to get in to plastic surgery soon
*More Epic Music*
Alright so let's have a look before
AFF..TR....*Pewds Laughing*
Here we have disgusting disfigured face
beautiful for who I am
thank you
Alright lets see what you bros think about this one
it does kind of look like donald trump
what the fuck
same person
yeah well no shit Sherlock
dude this guy looks he wants to do
something horrible to me
OMG yes
Let's finish it off
with the greatest picture I have ever seen
I can't draw for shit I'm not trying to put anyone down here
oringal to this pic
it matches perfectly
not funny
here we go here's the oringal
clearly someone try to prank me
and did something weird with the picture
aw god this is gonna be tricky man
honestly the nose is spot on I don't even have to change it
My poor nose...
Everyone makes fun of it
My whole life
What did I do
Jesus Christ this is fucking terrifying dude
*Felix Laughing
This is art like this is art
you can't argue with art
I love it
so much
ughhh disgusting
I feel like Im doing you bros a favor here
IDK would you agree
Dan agrees what the fuck
Why do I have this picture?!
Alright let's see if you bros agree with me
Your teeth goals
Nightmares DO come true
Felix after crack
How did you know?
what the fuck
come ooon
It's good
Alright bros you bros are amazing I love everything you
do for me
uh there is so much
talent and even though
I appreciate the effort alright
the funny part about this picture is
I still look the same like they're practically still identical...
I love this picture... I will forever cherish this picture
Bros thank you so much for watching this video
and thank you so much for all the amzing
fanart I re really
really apperciate the effort
I think its really cool
I hope you didn't
take this the wrong way
Thank you bros so much for watching and as always stay awesome bros!!


Pewdiepie游戏影片 ("FIXING" FANART (Pewdiepie Photoshop))

2186 分類 收藏
ying silence 發佈於 2016 年 5 月 15 日
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