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  • -You just can't help yourself, can you?

  • -What is that supposed to mean?

  • -Just forget it.

  • -No. You can't just say that and then walk away from me!

  • -Leave it, Christian. -Like hell I will.

  • -At least have the decency to finish what you started.

  • -You go on about your life like it's something to be proud of.

  • -I'm not ashamed of who I am. -Well you ought to be.

  • -I don't believe I'm hearing this!

  • -Bushra's endorsement could bring a lot of business our way.

  • So do us all a favour and just stop flaunting it in front of everyone!

  • -I take it there's no Scissor Sisters in your record collection?

  • -I have nothing against homosexuality, Christian. As far as I'm concerned, you can live your life however you please.

  • Just not in my faith.

  • -You can't let it rest, can you?

  • -I'm not about to sit back and be insulted by your mother! -Not everyone shares your values, Christian.

  • -So what do you think?

  • -Well, this isn't about me. -Syed. I wanna know what it is you think of me.

  • -Now isn't the time.

  • -Answer me! -It's haram!

  • -What the hell does that mean? -It's against God's will.

  • -Bushra's booked us for three more functions in July.

  • With any luck, she'll start recommending us to her friends.

  • -You had some sort of bump to the head, Syed? Couple of hours ago, you were all set for a public flogging.

  • -I'm sorry. -You tell your mother, and her mates, that there is more to me than being some pumped up queen.

  • -You don't need to tell me that. -Don't I?

-You just can't help yourself, can you?


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CHRYED - C & S story 27 (4/5) - June 19 2009 - SUBBED (CHRYED - C & S story 27 (4/5) - june 19 2009 - SUBBED)

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