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Thank you go go 2 00:00:15,480 --> 00:00:16,310 picture 3 00:00:16,310 --> 00:00:19,570 house
and go to the next page for questions my career
my name is Michael as I take a look at my rates
I see that small village the text is divided in two parts
drag the numbers 123 and put them into the appropriate boxes
82 eighty cheese the end set
which you think fits best according to the text
thank you feel like to I was pleased to hear you want to spend your holiday in
the mountains writing tasks a graded within the following bands
some other examples of letter writing assignments
right in answer to one of the great
a model on sa I spent
and in the countryside with Mike
thank you feel like to I was pleased to hear you want to spend your holiday in
the mountains
my family upon the cream
can you describe
I live in a small town in the north of the country he will take the exam with a
he lost either to speak individually
all to talk with your partner he will be given to pick just to look at
you want to talk about them for about one minute
you are supposed to describe the pictures individually
your partner is given the same task
it's hard to say because there are no regular Windows
as in other houses the pic chip is
sense a housing estate we can see a regular private house
this is a medium-sized house I can see the blue sky and a few clouds
but the weather seems fine in the pics
it must be horrible to experience something like that hear the water is so
that it's impossible to drive I think that I wouldn't survive without a bike
if I found myself in a similar situation


Gogo`S英文 (DISC2B 08 Howoldareyou)

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