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  • Hi, I’m Shaun.

  • Have you eaten rice dumplings today?

  • It’s Dragon-boat Festival.

  • Of course everyone should eat rice dumplings.

  • It’s Dragon-boat Festival.

  • I like it.

  • Why are you so happy?

  • Do you even know what Dragon-boat Festival is?

  • No, but I know it’s a public holiday.

  • I know most of you won’t know what people would do on Dragon-boat Festival.

  • So, today, I will show you the coolest Dragon-boat Festival.

  • First, you will need the following items,

  • an egg,

  • a sachet,

  • and some drums.

  • James, have you seen the eggs in the kitchen?

  • No, I didn’t see any eggsin the kitchen.”

  • That’s because they are in my hand.

  • Kids, don’t forget to return the eggs to your Mom after Dragon-boat Festival.

  • The egg is for you to practice standing eggs.

  • On Dragon-boat Festival noon, it is said the Earth’s gravity is stronger than usual.

  • So people can stand an egg anywhere.

  • Like in the classroom.

  • Or in the kitchen.

  • But, please choose the egg properly.

  • If you don’t like to stand an egg, you can wear a sachet.

  • Although in Chinese, sachet means

  • it actually brings a bad smell.

  • The ancient people would use the bad smell to prevent bad bugs.

  • Finally, the dragon boat race is the coolest activity in the festival.

  • However, the dragon boat is too big for kids to row.

  • So, what the kids can do is beating the drums or cheerleading.

  • Now, if you don’t have any drums, you can use this.

  • Hey, Grandpa. I’m going to watch the dragon boat races.

  • Do you have any drums?

  • I want to make some noise.

  • Drums?

  • No, but you can take this.

  • Here you are.

  • OK, kids. If you really want to learn how to beat drums,

  • you should attend a dragon boat race yourself.

  • Now, let’s review the words together.

Hi, I’m Shaun.


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FunTube看世界【Dragon-boat Festival 】端午節 (FunTube看世界【Dragon-boat Festival 】端午節)

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