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  • The Philippines has woken up to a vastly different political landscape this morning... after

  • the all but certain victory of a brash, outspoken mayor in the presidential election also referred

  • to as the "Trump of the East". With almost all the votes counted,... hardliner

  • Rodrigo Duterte has an unassailable lead. Kim Mok-yeon reports.

  • With more than 90 percent of the vote counted Tuesday morning, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo

  • Duterte had secured more than 15 million votes, claiming victory in this year's presidential

  • election race. The nation's election watchdog said Duterte

  • took about 39 percent of the total votes, winning over his closest rivals Manuel Roxas,

  • a former interior secretary with 23 percent and Senator Grace Poe at third with 22 percent.

  • In the Philippines, the winner is decided on a simple majority of votes cast.

  • "I honor the result of our elections. I congratulate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and pledge my support."

  • Duterte, who served as the mayor of Davao for more than 22 years has been nicknamed

  • "The Punisher". He has been compared to U.S. Republican presidential

  • candidate Donald Trump... because of his outsider status and no-nonsense comments.

  • He vowed to kill drug pushers,... shocking his challengers.

  • "If I become the president, I will order the military and the police to hunt down the drug

  • lords, the big ones and kill them."

  • Duterte said his law and order policy had been the key to his success.

  • His election campaign has also focused on reforming the economy, infrastructure, and

  • on solving the territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea.

  • However, Duterte's hardline approaches and controversial statements during his campaign

  • are raising public concern that it could lead to human rights abuses.

  • Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

The Philippines has woken up to a vastly different political landscape this morning... after


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羅德里戈-杜特爾特宣佈在菲律賓總統選舉中獲勝 (Rodrigo Duterte claims victory in the Philippine presidential election)

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