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  • Well, I'm Radia Soulmani. I am from Morocco. I'm 15 years old.

  • I was participant in TechGirls in 2013. TechGirls is a life changing experience.

  • It just helped me get a new vision of how I wanted to help the world around me.

  • And it taught me that if we want something that we can get it if we work hard for it.

  • We had sessions where we talked about the needs in our community and how we could address them.

  • So this helped me to think of ways that I can help my community be better.

  • So this is why I started web design classes lately here.

  • And I give them to young people to a youth house.

  • It's a place where youth go there and do activities.

  • Radia was asked to share her TechGirls experience at TEDx Youth in Zagora, Morocco.

  • I heard about it, about TED events while I was in the U.S.A. and I thought it was a great thing.

  • and actually speak in a TEDx I was like, "Woah! This is amazing!"

  • But when I went to the stage, I didn't feel afraid at all.

  • I was like, like if I used to do this my whole life.

  • and it was just amazing to be able to share your experience with a large audience

  • who was very happy to hear about it. So I felt that it was a very great experience.

  • and I learned from other speakers as well.

  • TechGirls is a lifetime changing experience. I've kept in touch with all the girls.

  • and it's just great to know what they're up to, they do a lot of amazing things.

  • They're helping their communities and it's just amazing how much friends and family I got now after the TechGirls program.

  • And I am sure that all of them will be there to support me and to help me be, to help me pursue my dreams in a good way.

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我可以做到不可能的事!(科技女孩的故事) (I can do the Impossible! (A TechGirls Story))

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