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So you mentioned Deborra.
It's a 20-year wedding anniversary coming up.
-Yeah, thank you. -Congratulations.
-That's wonderful. -Thank you.
That's a wonderful thing, right?
-It is. -To have that history.
And it gets better and better, I can honestly say that.
And she's not even watching, well, she's not even here,
but she and I met before, it was my first job and it was
obviously she's the greatest thing that even happened to me,
and it get's better and better.
and I'm kinda really grateful that I met before anything kinda happened
'cause everything that's happened in my career
and on-screen, off-screen, we've always done it together,
and so, yeah, 20 years, so...
That's really great.
[cheers and applause]
So she was with you before you did anything major at all.
Yeah. That was my first job where I met her.
She was the star and I had this major crush on her.
Everyone did. The whole crew had a crush on her.
I was so embarrassed by it. I didn't talk to her for a week.
When I realized I had a... I didn't talk to her.
And I had... about a week later,
I thought, "This is silly," and I had a dinner party,
and I invited her over and about 20 other people.
And she said, "What's the matter?
"Have I annoyed you? You're not talking to me anymore.
What have I done wrong?" And I was--I'd had a couple.
And I said, "Oh, look, I've got a crush on you.
I'll get over it." And she went, "Oh, really?"
And I was, like, "Oh, this is bad."
And she goes, "Yeah, I got one on you, too."
And I'm, like, "Oh, great." So that was it.
-That was it. -21 years later, yeah.
Here we are. And two kids.
Yes. 21 years and two kids later.
- How old?15? - 15 and a 10-year old.
- Yeah. - I can't believe their ages.
And what are they into?
My son is, you know what I love about my son?
He saw that movie, "A Walk In the Woods,"
you know, that movie with Robert Redford,
and he goes, "I love that guy. That's me."
I just love, like, he loves the outdoors.
He loves reading. He's not into video games.
None of that. He's into medicinal herbs.
I mean, he's gonna do something extraordinary.
My daughter, she is... by the way, and I'm not joking,
she's into the "Ellen" show and Sophia Grace.
She watches those clips over and over again.
She loves dancing.
Well, let's talk about her more.
She seems great. She's great.
She really, she said she wants...
I said, "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
she says, "Well, I'd like to be an actor, and a singer,
and a chef, and a vet."
-And I was, like, "I love it." -That's fantastic.
I said, "Yeah, but if you could focus on the chef,
'cause we really need one of those in the family."
Yeah. And a vet. That would be a lovely thing, too.
A vet, yeah. We've got two dogs, so yeah.
So is your son, like, he must be impressed.
His dad is Wolverine.
That must be, like, really cool to walk around saying.
-No. -No, come on.
Yes and no. Like, there was one time
a few years back, we're at the beach,
and he was talking with this girl,
and he was about 12, and the girl looked to me, like, 15,
he likes older women like his dad,
and so anyway, he starts walking over to me,
and he sort of ran ahead of this girl,
and the girl was walking, and he sort of, you know,
running up to me, and I said, "Everything all right?"
And he goes, "Yeah. I told 'em you're Wolverine.
Just sign an autograph for 'em. Sign an autograph."
I was, like, "Am I a wingman for my son now?
This is really weird.
But then he had a friend over--
another friend over the other day,
a new friend, and I was listening in,
and the friend was obviously enamored by Wolverine,
asking all these questions.
And I heard him say, he said nothing.
And then finally he piped up and he said, "Look.
"My dad is not tough. He's not cool.
"He's nothing like Wolverine, okay?
So just get over it." And that was it.
Haven't seen that kid since, actually.


【艾倫秀】當金鋼狼不容易 (Being Wolverine Isn't Always What It's Cut Out to Be)

2620 分類 收藏
黃錦芳 發佈於 2016 年 5 月 9 日    Judy Huang 翻譯    Rachel Kung 審核
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