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  • Very wellfor all those girls who want to learn the mail sorry of Justin Bieber we have here the tutorial!!!

  • Step by step we will learn the mail and go accelerating

  • the time to do so to the rhythm and tempo as the dancers of the video

  • I propose that we begin with the chorus that is the most catchy and also has a lot of wave

  • I also suggest that looking for a nice wardrobe that has an urban style

  • With vivid colors, until you can get sunglasses as the girls of the video to be more in line with the choreography

  • Do not forget that the dance is a way to show from our feelings more intimate

  • The most crazy and cheerfulalways depending on the style that we choose to dance.

  • We started?? In the first place we are going to make account that we peinamos a big hair with many rollers

  • With the left hand but without touching our head.

  • The right arm is extended to the side at the shoulders.

  • While our right foot pisa and leaves the floor to pace.

  • We spent the hand above the head to the time we walked through. This is done 4 times (in four times)

  • one, two, three, four

  • Then raise the arms forming a sort of V short (as a 5ta position of jazz dance)

  • and when the arms are lowered we plié (i.e., bend the legs which are open from the height of our hips) second position of feet.

  • This is repeated until we arrive to the following four times.

  • Then, raise arms, down arms and bend your legs,

  • back to lift arms and straighten to penalties the legs, and down arms again flexed legs (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Now, we repeat from the first. That is to say we become to comb the hair

  • by pressing with the right foot (4 times) and go up and down the arms with bending of legs (4 times more)

  • Practice, before proceeding, these two 8 that we have just to learn

  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

  • Now with music and on time

  • Now is the time to move our chestIn the next step, what we have to do is put us on your side looking toward the right-hand side right away,

  • we must draw chest with the hands placed on the sides and at the height of the bust.

  • In this movement, elbows are flexed, are directed toward the rear. Then when we take chest,

  • elbows go backwards. Then scoop (i.e., put the navel inward) to, with the impetus of the contraction,

  • returning to remove chestThis time with elbows also go backwards but located at the height of the belly.

  • This is repeated looking coté toward the opposite side until you reach the time 4.

  • 1 sack chest with hands up, 2 sack chest with hands down, 3 looking toward the side opposite, sac chest with hands up and then sack chest with hands down in the 4.

  • On the side in which we got up the back arm (left) and we round with the hand movements

  • moving at the same time also breast in rounded shape and depressing with the left foot that is located in front of the right.

  • This is done in the following 4 times. That is to say, stepped on 4 times

  • Now join everything that we learned to here to continue.

  • now with music and on time

  • Very good!!! Already a 8 more and lack complete the refrain of this great song!!

  • In the original mail, the dancers make a canonthat means that at one time a makes a thing,

  • in the following time another makes what made the first but so backward and so on with the other dancers until the Canon ends

  • us now we are going to do everything at the time of the dancer who is in front of all in the video.

  • Time 1 wake up arms, times 2, 3 and 4 move the hands to the side of the body

  • with closed fists and rounding off the chest to the rhythm of the music,

  • time 5 crossed hands in front of the face, 6 pointed out at the side with left arm,

  • 7 we do a gesture with the hands facing forward and 8 pointing forward say that not

  • with the index finger and extending the right arm.

  • We finished!!! We practice everything??

  • I would say to you that before doing so full, try getting the sunglasses!!! To start and practice!!!!

  • with music!!

Very wellfor all those girls who want to learn the mail sorry of Justin Bieber we have here the tutorial!!!


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對不起賈斯汀-比伯編舞教程 (Sorry Justin Bieber Coreografía Tutorial)

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