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  • >> ASHA: Holland is world famous for its flowers and here I am at the Keukenhof Gardens in

  • the middle of seven million tulips.

  • This place is huge there's over eighty acres of flowers here and over two thousand varieties

  • of tulips.

  • This place is only open for eight weeks out of the year but in those eight weeks over

  • a million tourists come here from all over the world and I can definitely see why.

  • >> GUEST: I'm here for the first time and it is marvelous yes? for me the same its beautiful

  • the colors its great.

  • >> EMPLOYEE: I'm working here for more than twenty years I'm proud of course it is a beautiful

  • garden they say the most beautiful garden in the world.

  • >> ASHA: This place is absolutely gorgeous there I mean every color you can imagine of

  • flowers it smells so good and it's it's really peaceful I could walk around here all day

  • long.

  • >> GUEST: The combination of the colors of the flowers is very nice and the flowers are

  • just amazing.

  • >> ASHA: Not only are there acres and acres of flowers outside there's also five pavilions

  • with indoor flower shows - let's go check it out.

  • I can smell it already it smells so good.

  • Wow this would be a girls dream to get a bouquet like this absolutely gorgeous.

  • So every flower in this pavilion is not in production and what happens is the public

  • can vote on their favorite flower of the week and the winner actually goes into production

  • for next year, so I think I'm gonna vote on this flower.

  • In Hollywood there's a Walk of Fame, at the Keukenhof Gardens there's a Walk of Fame for

  • tulips and these tulips are named after celebrities, activists, political figures.

  • This is the Vincent van Gogh tulip. It's a black tulip and its one of the most rare in

  • the world.

  • Since there are seven million flowers here, there's a lot of ground to cover so I'll see

  • you later.

>> ASHA: Holland is world famous for its flowers and here I am at the Keukenhof Gardens in


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從阿姆斯特丹出發的庫肯霍夫花園和鬱金香田園之旅。 (Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Fields Tour from Amsterdam)

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