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  • >> ASHA: Welkom in Amsterdam.

  • >> RYAN: That's right, we are here in Amsterdam

  • and this city is world famous for flowers, windmills

  • >> ASHA: And everything behind it.

  • >> RYAN: Amsterdam has this infamous reputation around the world for being a little quirky

  • and a little bit edgy and it definitely lives up to all of that that's what gives it it's charm.

  • Anybody home? She's not very talkative tonight.

  • This is an absolutely beautiful city and it's even better when you see it on the seat of a bike

  • nice and slow so you can check out everything.

  • >>ASHA: I love this boat is just covered with windows you can see all around you

  • all through the canals

  • the sun is starting to set the buildings look absolutely beautiful

  • and I now understand why they're calling this a romantic dinner cruise.

  • This place is huge there's over eighty acres of flowers here

  • and over two thousand varieties of tulips.

  • Wow, this would be a girls dream to get a boquet like this

  • absolutely gorgeous.

  • And right now we're here at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

  • and we're looking at over 200 pieces of artwork that he has done over his lifetime

  • >> RYAN: I am now on a ferry heading across the channel

  • I'm gonna check out a small fishing village in the Dutch countryside.

  • Thank you, and since I'm in a traditional fishing village I might as well look the part.

  • Check this out I bet you didn't think there was a museum dedicated only to clogs

  • well there is and this place is clog heaven.

  • Wow, Amsterdam is such a wonderful city the Dutch they do it right

  • >> ASHA: I love being able to bike around the city, go through the canals, it was so much fun.

  • >> RYAN: And my favorite part was definitely the tulip garden I have never seen anything like that in my life.

  • We love Amsterdam, what a great city!

>> ASHA: Welkom in Amsterdam.


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