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  • I'm here in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

  • Here's the couch I'll be staying on.

  • It's a very comfortable couch and I'm excited to be staying in such a nice flat.

  • I'm staying in the Eastern Docklands which has a lot of modern buildings and

  • some interesting architecture.

  • My host, Halim, is extremely nice. He's offered to let me disrupt his quiet

  • weekend so we can go on a tour of Amsterdam.

  • And what better way to explore the city than on a bicycle?

  • Biking is the way many Dutch people get around. Even in the rain or snow.

  • I'm in the middle of the Jordaan neighbourhood in a nice square with some musician sculptures.

  • And this was traditionally

  • a poor Jewish neighbourhood. These days it's become gentrified

  • and you can find very upscale cafés and trendy bars.

  • This is Dam Square. It's one of the major squares of Amsterdam and disturbing because the palestinians

  • And just behind me is the palace and to the other side is the New Church, which is not only a Church but also has exhibitions.

  • It connects to a lot of shopping streets and is just 5 minutes from the Red Light district.

  • Holland is well known for its tolerant attitudes.

  • One thing that differentiates Amsterdam from probably any other city you've been to

  • is the legality of prostitution.

  • I'm here in the Red Light District where you can walk down the streets on the streets

  • and view prostitutes in the windows.

  • You can't film them but they're there day and night and it's become a huge tourist

  • destination.

  • Every Saturday morning we have a

  • lovely market. It's called the Noordermarkt

  • We're gonna take a little visit

  • and get some fruit and

  • vegetables.

  • Holland is famous for its tulips and you can buy them right here in centre the flower market.

  • although apparently a lot of them are actually imported from southern climates.

  • You'll also notice a lot of houseboats where people are actually living.

  • Hopefully no one was living in this one.

  • So we have arrived at Kapitein Zeppos,

  • which is not far away from the

  • Dam Square.

  • It's one of my favourite places because it's hidden away in one of the back streets.

  • You don't see that many tourists actually here.

  • And now we're gonna try some

  • local specialities which are bitterballen

  • I don't think you don't want to know what they are.

  • This is De Pijp. It's an extremely popular area in the Old South. the game

  • you'll find all kinds of trendy bars and cafés, so if you want to grab a couple of beers,

  • this is the place to come.

  • You'll find all kinds of people, but especially a younger crowd and students.

  • I'm in the Museumplein, which has some of Amsterdam's best museums. Just behind me is the new museum of modern art, which was quite controversial become some love the design while others hate it.

  • So, you can decide what you think of the exterior.

  • To the other side there's the concert hall.

  • And you can also find the Rembrandt museum. And this place is very popular as a park, especially in the summer. Maybe not today with all the snow. But when the weather's a bit warmer you can see it full of people.

  • It's freezing!

  • A trip to the Netherlands isn't complete without seeing a windmill. And this one has a bar under it.

  • We have businessmen, we have a group of Ethiopian people who come here because they say the beer tastes like their beer at home.

  • You have have drunken people....

I'm here in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.


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