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  • Today we're in Amsterdam. We're going to check out the food scene. We're going to look at street food.

  • We're going to look at some of the traditional things that you can find on the streets of Amsterdam. It's a little bit rainy, but we're hungry.

  • Here we go!

  • Today I am joined by Dutch local and also YouTubber on IamEverybody. This is Robbert.

  • Throughout Amsterdam you will find fish stalls selling a variety of fish. One of the specialities, which the Dutch love, is haring.

  • Today we're going to try it.

  • It's an acquired taste, huh?

  • We've just had a look at stroopwaffel or syrup waffle being made fresh.

  • A stroopwaffel, for those who don't know is a Dutch treat second to none

  • and made fresh they're warm and delicious.

  • I'm excited.

  • Oh, I like how you did that Robbert. With no fear.

  • It's better than haring, right?

  • We're at one of the Dutch institutions, it's called Febo or food in the wall...

  • and here you can pick food out of the wall. It's one of the strangest concepts here. It's awesome.

  • So we got a delicious sate croquet.

  • It's just fried goodness.

  • If you come to Amsterdam you've got to try the Febo. It's cheap and cheerful, very tasty and very convenient.

  • It's such a cool concept.

  • Down a narrow street near the Kalvertoren there's a place that's been making fries since 1957. We're going to grab a few now.

  • It's raining and people are queuing for the fries. So you know they are good.

  • Robbert's been kind to share with me. Usually people wouldn't share their chips. I'm guessing.

  • Oh Robbert, you are terrible. No you can't feed me a chip. No thanks. I don't want it on my nose.

  • So my favourite is the fries with peanut sauce. It's just delicious.

  • These chips are so good, even the pigeons like it....and rightly so, they really are tasty.

  • If you like pancakes then the Dutch equivalent is the thing for you. These are called poffertjes.

  • Are you not going to make it fresh? Oh dear!

  • Oh no, no, these are from yesterday. Yeah, I see so. It's fresh enough.

  • We're having some delicious poffertjes accompanied by Hare Krishna singing, so that's really adding to the atmosphere.

  • They're sugary, they're buttery, they're are so good. Mmmm.

  • Lower. A little lower.

  • We've eaten a hell of a lot. Probably more than we should have given that it's just finished Christmas.

  • Yes

  • Do you want to saw something about how people can find you?

  • No! No, alright, alright, I'll do it.

  • Well if you want to see more videos about Amsterdam that I make, then you just go to

  • Ya! And I love Robberts videos they are well worth checking out. Definitely subscribe to his channel.

  • You're such a kiss ass. Indeed.

  • And that's it for our tour of Amsterdam street food.

  • Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video don't forget to like and subscribe and check out Robbert's channel.

  • See you next time. Bye!

Today we're in Amsterdam. We're going to check out the food scene. We're going to look at street food.


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阿姆斯特丹街頭美食 (Amsterdam Street Food)

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