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  • Since the earliest time, man has imagined this moment.

  • The moment when his fellow man would make the first journey to the Moon.

  • Now the time had come.

  • In the sixth decade of the 20th century, the ancient dream was to become a reality.

  • As we explore the reaches of space, let us go to the new worlds together.

  • Not as new worlds to be conquered, but as new adventures to be shared.

  • Around the world, nearly a billion people watched this moment on television,

  • as the first man from Earth prepared to set foot upon the Moon.

  • Engine arm off. [?] We copy you down Eagle.

  • HounstonTranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.

  • I'm gonna step off the LEM now.

  • That's one small step for a man,

  • one a giant leap for mankind.

  • I just see it as the beginning of a new age.

  • The mission was successfully completed.

  • The Eagle had landed the first man on the Moon

  • and Columbia had returned them safely.

  • Wherever man journeys tomorrow across the ocean of our universe,

  • history will remind him thar Apollo 11 was mankind's first encounter with a new world.

  • (Lyrics: John Boswell.) (Sync: ErickSoares3.)

Since the earliest time, man has imagined this moment.


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月球之旅(阿波羅11號登月重製版)。 (Journey to the Moon (Apollo 11 Moon Landing Remixed))

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