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  • Ah! My foot is asleep!

    啊~~我的腳麻了! ∑(ι´Дン)ノ

  • Hello Everyone!


  • Alright Rosie, where should we start?

    好了 Rosie, 我們應該從哪開始呢?

  • Can we just take a moment to look at this, it’s so fluffy!!!


  • She got a haircut recently, and it doesn't stay like this for long


  • so let’s just appreciate this while we can


  • Hello Everybody!

    嗨 大家好!

  • I recently took a trip to Europe and I bought a whole bunch of stuff

    我最近去了歐洲旅遊 然後買了一大堆東西

  • so I thought today I would do a haul video!


  • I’ve never done this sort of video on my channel before but,

    我從沒拍過這類型的影片 但...

  • I love watching them!

    我超愛看這類型的影片! ♥♥♥

  • So if you want to see what I bought in Paris and London then continue to watch this video

    所以如果你想看我在巴黎和倫敦買了什麼東西 那就繼續看下去吧

  • I guess you do want to see that because that’s why you clicked the title!

    我猜你應該會想看的 因為這樣你才點標題近來的吧!

  • Alright, let’s start!


  • I think Paris is super expensive to shop in


  • maybe I don’t know which area to go to but,


  • I find there’s not many


  • boutique, special, sort of inexpensive shops

    時裝精品店、 特別但又不貴的店

  • I see you either get H&M or Zara, or like Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc

    除了H&M 跟 Zara 或 Louis Vuitton , Dior 等等

  • So shopping there is quite expensive


  • If youre from there, or you know a good place or area that I should go shopping in that isn’t too expensive


  • that you can find some unique stuff


  • please let me know in the comments, because I don’t know


  • So I ended up buying my sort of luxury items there


  • which tend to be about 30% less than they would be if I bought them here in Tokyo


  • So I always like to buy them over there, it just makes more sense


  • because you save a lot of money


  • so the first thing I bought right when I pretty much got off the plane was


  • this wallet from Goyard


  • not many people know this brand, but they should because I think their designs are gorgeous and timeless and elegant

    不太多人認識這個牌子, 但應該值得被更多人知道, 因為我覺得它設計的很好,優雅且不過時

  • this is a unisex wallet and it comes in so many colours, but I think this red colour is so lovely!

    這個款式男女通用, 有很多種顏色可以選 但我覺得紅色滿可愛的♥

  • and the inside is really big


  • it has a lot of different compartments, which I love


  • you can organise really well and it has a lot of spaces for cards


  • and a big change area in the middle


  • and it zips up so nothing falls out


  • the structure and stitching is amazing quality


  • ya I really really love this wallet


  • and then the next thing that I bought..


  • was from Saint Laurent

    它是Saint Laurent的

  • It is this bag


  • it’s the small cross body shoulder bag I think it’s called, or something like that


  • and it’s in a gorgeous red colour as well


  • I love red right now because

    我現在滿喜歡紅色的 因為

  • recently I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral tones, blacks, greys, or whites


  • so I really wanted some statement piece, something that would just pop or make my outfit just pop a bit more


  • As soon as I walked into the shop I knew exactly what I wanted because I’ve been looking for a red bag for a while

    當我一走進店裡我就知道我想要買的了 因為我想要這種紅色的包包很久了

  • and I think that this one is just perfect


  • it’s an adorable size, and I just love the way it sits on your body


  • it has the gold YSL detail on the front and this gold chain

    前面有一個金色YSL的LOGO 和這條金色的鏈子

  • inside is not that big


  • it can only maybe fit a credit card and some makeup, or something like that


  • but that’s ok!


  • I think it could look super cool with a leather jacket or it can look really sexy with a red lip and a sexy black outfit

    我覺得如果跟皮衣搭起來會很酷 或者搭配黑色系跟紅唇也很性感

  • I think I will use this a lot in the coming months


  • actually forever, I don’t think this will ever really go out of style

    或者可能會一直背下去 我不覺得它的款式會過時

  • I didn’t really organise this pile well


  • so that was Paris, and now moving on to London


  • umm… I’ll show you makeup first


  • I went into Selfridge’s and these makeup products immediately caught my eye

    我去Selfridge’s的時候 一眼就看到這些化妝品了

  • It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

    它是Charlotte Tilbury的化妝品

  • and why it caught my eye is because the packaging is so cute


  • it’s all pink and rose gold


  • so I started playing with the makeup and trying it out


  • and I fell in love with these 4 products;


  • I got 2 foundations, because the formulas are both equally amazing and I couldn’t decide which one

    我買了兩罐粉底液 因為它們效果都很好 我決定不了要買哪個

  • The first one is calledLight Wonder

    第一罐是" Light Wonder "

  • It’s a ‘Youth-boosting perfect skin foundationwith SPF 15

    它叫 " 逆齡青春完美肌膚粉底液 " 防曬係數SPF15

  • on the back it saysWhen it comes to foundation I have one simple rule, perfect coverage and light as air breathable formula

    包裝後面寫"我對粉底液只有簡單的要求, 完美的遮瑕力和透薄的像皮膚會呼吸一樣"

  • enriched with a botanical alternative to retinol to stimulate epidermal renewal and ceramides to hydrate and soften skin

    它裡面有多種植物配方 能讓皮膚更保濕和有彈力

  • illuminates, hydrates, smooths, and reduces wrinkles for perfect-looking beautiful skin

    擦上後會提亮、保濕、撫平細紋 讓你呈現無暇的完美肌膚

  • that sounds good to me!


  • so this formula is super light


  • it’s more of an everyday makeup, but if your taking pictures or video I would want something with a bit more coverage

    它很適合每天使用的日常妝容 但如果你需要拍照上鏡的話就遮瑕力更高的

  • So then I found this, theMagic Foundation

    所以我找到另一款 " Magic Foundation"

  • It’s ‘Flawless long-lasting coverage' with SPF15 as well

    它有"無瑕持久遮瑕力" 防曬係數也是SPF15

  • It says its a “Full coverage demi-matte long lasting foundation enriched with hyaluronic acid, laricyl, and the concentrated power of vitamin C

    它說這是一款"高遮瑕、霧面、持久的粉底液 附有緊緻效果的維他命C及多種豐富的保濕配方"

  • skin is moisturised, dewy, and pores are minimized


  • I couldn’t decide between the 2, they both sound amazing


  • Then the makeup artist suggested that I mix the two for the perfect foundation

    所以化妝師建議我兩款粉底液混在一起使用 來達到最完美的效果

  • that is light weight and dewy at the same time, but also good coverage


  • I tried thisMini Eye Miracle Eye Wand

    我還買了這個 " Mini Eye Miracle Eye Wand "

  • It has 2 steps to it


  • step 1 is a lifting eye cream


  • step 2 is the illuminating eye brightener


  • this is a clear cream and then this is a salmon colour


  • a salmon colour is really good for colour correcting a blueish-purplish tone, so it’s perfect for under eye circles

    橘紅色非常適合用來遮藍紫色 所以很適合用來遮黑眼圈

  • and the last item I got was theAir Brush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder

    最後是" 空氣感完美裸妝定妝粉餅"

  • and it also has this gorgeous rose gold packaging


  • and it looks like this


  • All of her (Charlotte Tilbury’s) makeup has ingredients in it that help your skin

    Charlotte Tilbury 所有的化妝品都有護膚成分

  • so when youre wearing her makeup it’s making your skin look good on the outside, but it’s also treating it on the inside

    所以當你用化妝品同時 不僅讓外表更好看 也能幫你達到護膚的效果

  • so it has a double effect,which is amazing!

    達到雙重效果 真的太驚人了!

  • I’m going to try these out over the next month, and if I really love something I will put it in my next favourites video

    我下個月會開始適用它們,如果我覺得好用的話 我會放在下一隻愛用品的影片裡

  • but I have a feeling that I will love many of these things!


  • clothes-wise you saw a lot of the clothes I bought in my spring outfits video

    衣服的話 你們可能在我春季穿搭影片裡看過蠻多的了

  • I bought a lot in Topshop and Urban Outfitters in London

    我在倫敦的Topshop 和 Urban Outfitters 買了很多的衣服

  • oh my gosh, the Topshop is so amazing, I went to the one on Oxford Street

    OMG! 牛津街的那間Topshop簡直讓人太驚訝了!

  • its so huge, you could get lost in it


  • I spent so many hours in there and there’s so many amazing things inside

    我在裡面逛了好幾個小時 因為 有太很多吸引我的東西

  • so I’m not going to show you all the things because youve probably seen them in my videos or on my social media, or you will see them soon

    所以我就不打算一一展示了 因為你們大概都在我的影片或是社群網站上看過它們了 或者你很快會看到它們

  • but I’m just going to highlight a couple of my favourite items


  • oh, you didn’t see this hat yet

    Oh! 你們還沒看過這頂帽子吧

  • I got this hat at urban outfitters

    我在Urban outfitters 買的

  • I really love it because I’ve been wearing lot of black or grey or white so it goes with my outfits

    我很喜歡它的 因為我經常穿黑 白 灰色的衣服 所以它跟我平常的穿搭很配

  • I really love the fabric and the structure of it


  • when you put it on your head it really stays in this shape, if that makes sense

    當你戴在頭上時 它會維持這個形狀

  • I’m sure I’ll wear it soon, so youll see what I’m talking about

    我很肯定我很快會就會戴它 到時候你們就明白我在說什麼了

  • but I just love the shape that it makes on your head and it doesn't slouch down, it stays up, like that

    我很喜歡它的形狀 戴著也不會塌下來 就像挺直的樣子

  • I think it looks super cute


  • so I got that hat


  • and I know it’s spring but I think toques look really cute with t-shirts

    我知道現在是春天了 但我覺得這個搭配T恤也滿好看的

  • I think they look cozy and the weather isn’t that warm yet, so I still want to wear this

    看起來戴著應該會很舒服 而且天氣也還沒有怎麼變暖 所以我還想戴著它

  • and then I picked up..


  • The style I tend to go to most recently is sort of a sporty casual style I guess


  • so this fits right in with it


  • and then another sort of sporty item I picked up was this crop top

    我還買了運動短版上衣 它可以和褲子搭配

  • and it has a hood on it, which is adorable

    這個是連帽的 也滿可愛的

  • and long sleeves


  • If youre in the UK or anywhere that has Topshop youre in luck because I just love shopping in there

    如果你住英國的話那你很幸運,因為到處都有Topshop 我超愛在那邊購物

  • and they have such a wide variety of cute sporty items


  • but also if you don’t have a Topshop where you are then you can oder online, which I always tend to do

    不過如果你附近沒有Topshop的話 你也可以上網買 我經常這麼做

  • I’d say I order from Topshop or mostly recently

    我很常在 Topshop 或 線上購物

  • I’ll link everything below for all these items to make things easier to find

    我會在下面放這些物品的連結 如果你們要買的話比較方便找

  • but ya, I’m loving Topshop’s sporty stuff right now, and I bought a lot when I was there


  • The next item is my Adele t-shirt, that I bought at her concert that I went to

    下一件是我去Adele演唱會時買的 t-shirt

  • which was absolutely amazing, it was such a great performance

    她的演唱會很好看 演出很精彩、驚艷

  • she really makes you feel like youre one of her friends

    她很友善 讓你覺得她是你的朋友一樣

  • she talks to the crowd really intimately, and notices people in the crowd and what theyre doing

    她會很親切的和觀眾說話 還會注意到觀眾在做什麼而回應

  • then shell make comments on that or invite people on stage to take selfies


  • she’s really hilarious, she burped and was pointing out her pimples

    她很幽默 她會當著大家的面前打嗝 、還會自嘲

  • she’s super humble


  • the way she talks to you, and the way she talks about herself, you really forget that she’s this oscar award winning, amazing, gorgeous singer

    她跟你說話的方式跟態度 甚至會讓你忘記她其實是個奧斯卡得獎的歌手

  • it was just really refreshing to see someone like that


  • I was really happy to go to that concert when I was in London


  • and this is now my sleeping t-shirt


  • oh, also from Topshop

    Oh! 這也是Topshop的

  • so when I was in Paris, actually in London too,

    當我在巴黎的時候 其實在倫敦也是

  • I saw a lot of girls wear shorter black boots with a sort of chunky heel and I thought they looked so gorgeous and cool

    我看到很多女孩子都穿了黑色粗跟短靴 我覺得看起來很酷很有型

  • and I wanted to find some for myself so that I could look cool

    所以我也想買一雙類似的靴子 讓我看起來更有型

  • and I was looking everywhere then I found some that I really love in Topshop

    我找了很多地方 最後在Topshop找到這雙我很喜歡的

  • and these are Carvela by Kurt Keiger

    它的品牌是 Carvela by Kurt Keiger

  • theyre a short black boot but they stretch so you can slip your foot in without undoing them, which I love

    它是一雙短靴 開口是有彈性的 所以很方便穿進去而且不用拉拉鏈 我很喜歡

  • and they have a little bit of a heel to give you a little extra height

    它有一點跟 讓你看起來比較高

  • but it’s not too much that it’s not uncomfortable, actually I don’t even notice it

    但基本上它不太高 所以穿起來不會不舒服 我自己也幾乎感覺不到它有跟

  • and a little bit of a western sort of detail on the sides here with these straps

    它旁邊有帶子 看起來還滿西方風情的

  • I think these are super cute tucks into skinny jeans, or with skirts, or with anything really for spring


  • Oh, this next item is something that I’ve been after for so long!

    噢! 下一樣是我注意很久的東西

  • There’s this website, I forget what it’s called

    那是一個網站 可是我忘了名字了

  • but you can find entrepreneurs going onto there with their ideas, then you can invest in them

    但你會看到一些創業者們會分享自己的想法 如果你覺得有興趣的話可以投資他們的產品

  • at an early stage


  • If they get enough investing then the product becomes real and they put it out there (to public)

    假如他們有足夠的資金的時候 產品就會生產出來 放在網站上賣

  • so something that I saw that I was interested in, and something that became a reality, is this next product

    這個產品是剛開始我覺得很有趣 然後現在真的生產出來了

  • but it was only in the UK, and you could only get it in the UK, and i’ve been wanting it for so long

    但它只有在英國買的到 而且我想要很久了

  • so I knew as soon as I went to London I would try to find it


  • and I did finally find it