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Congratulations on what a final game that was.
>> Thank you. >> You could not have dreamed of anything like that right?
>> Not for sure.
I mean it was I couldn't believe that it actually happened.
At this moment was actually here and this is the game.
>> Yeah.
>> It was really it's kind of a strange feeling.
>> I know when you were walking out,
I mean you must have been emotional when you woke up that day right?
>> No, I was pretty calm.
Because it doesn't really dawn on you.
Then, when I walked in the arena, and you kind of feel the electricity?
>> Yeah. >> And you just kind of
start getting a little nostalgic.
>> Yeah. >> Then you realize,
everybody's here to watch this final game.
Don't suck.
>> Yeah.
Yeah. >> [LAUGH]
>> It's like you gotta make sure you,
and then I come out and I miss my first five shots.
I was like uh-oh.
>> Yeah well that's the thing
then it could really screw with you because if you're not hitting it right away
then you're like, you'd unravel.
>> Yeah, but the last game, you just say you know what?
I'm just gonna go out there and let it all hang loose.
>> And when you see all those celebrities, I mean they're there a lot anyway,
but does that distract you at all when you look over and you see somebody?
>> No, it's fun it's just adds to the excitement and adds to the focus.
And I was on the bench I heard your voice come up on a jumbotron.
>> [LAUGH] >> Hey, they got Ellen up there too.
>> When I was saying goodbye to you.
>>Yeah. >> Yeah, that was funny.
>> That was pretty that was funny.
>> I don't think you might would even hear it coz, it's gonna be so noisy on there.
>> No, I mean the fresh prince is such a catchy,
>> Yeah. >> Catchy tune.
>> Thank you Thank you very much.
Anyway. >> [LAUGH]
>> So your daughters were there and
that must have been really cool.
I mean, had they seen you play like that?
>> No, they haven't and they was like, dad where did that come from?
And I was like, well honey I used to be pretty good back in the day when you're like.
>> [LAUGH] >> They thought it was pretty awesome.
I think the coolest thing for them is me walking out just now and
not embarrassing them completely.
By not dancing pathetically.
>> [LAUGH] >> Do you really never dance?
>> Or maybe I did.
>> No, you didn't. It was a swag.
It was a little bit of a.
You can't go wrong if you just pose and do that.
>> Right. That's what I figured.
I kinda just stick to my one-two, you know what I mean?
Make sure I don't completely embarrass my children.
>> Do you ever dance?
>> Yes.
Of course.
>> You do. >> Yeah, but I'm a better sit down dancer.
>> [LAUGHING] >> Everybody is.
>> Know what I'm saying?
Like, from here on down, this does not work.
But like, up here, I could sit here and dance all day.
You think thing like.
>> [LAUGH] >> Like me and Twitch like
you feel like I could battle Twitch and like >> Yeah.
>> Maybe win or something.
>> [LAUGH] >> But once I stand up it doesn't connect.
>> Wow when you sit down you do that with your hand?
>> Yeah I can like do that and
it's like he looks like he knows what he's doing but no I don't.
>> You do know what you're doing.
>> You got. >> Nobody sit dances doing that.
We all just kind of bob our heads that's all we do.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah listen.
Hey if you wanna ever have a sit down dance battle I'm all for it.
>> I'm down. >> [LAUGH]
>> I'm down.
>> I think we'd all like to see that.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
>> So Shaq was here the other day on your final day.
And he said basically y'all were not battling,
that you just inspired each other and pushed each other to work harder.
>> Yeah.
>> Is that what happened?
>> No, I didn't really like him too much.
[LAUGH] >> You didn't like him?
>> No, I'm kidding.
He's- >> Are you?
>> No I am. >> [LAUGH]
>> But we challenge each other a lot.
>> Mm-hm. >> And
I think in any environment you wanna have,
people around you that are not gonna just tell you which you want to hear.
>> Mm-hm. >> I mean they're going to be honest with you.
>> Yep. >> We certainly were that with each other.
>> Yeah and now you're friends?
>> Yeah we get along just fine.
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, we don't share the same work environment either.
Yeah, that's always good.
>> Yeah well you're amazing and thank you for being here for the first interview.
We're gonna take a break and more with Kobe and
a surprise a little later that will be fun for all of us to watch.
>> [MUSIC]
>> [APPLAUSE] >> How many times have you watched that?
Did you go home and watch it?
>> A few times, yeah.
>> Yeah.
>> But I'm such a basketball nerd.
Like I went back and watched it and I'm like picking it apart.
My footwork was wrong there.
Or I should have did that.
Well, there's no backsies now.
>> Yeah. >> So it really doesn't matter at this point.
>> No.
>> But I think everybody does that.
We all watch ourselves, and see things that nobody else sees.
>> Yeah. >> But that was amazing, and
that must be so much fun to do, and then to look back at it, but then no regrets.
Right? You think this is the right time?
>> Yeah, it feels right to me.
I'm very blessed to be able to say that.
I just don't wanna play anymore.
It's not like my body forced me out.
I don't wanna do it anymore.
I'm ready to move on.
>> And will you still play recreationally?
Right. >> Yeah, probably.
>> Yeah, you have a court at your house, I assume?
>> I do. >> So, do you just go out and shoot hoops.
>> Yeah, yeah me, my wife, and our kids, we'll go out and shoot.
And a- >> Is she good, your wife?
>> Yeah, she can shoot, actually.
>> Really. >> She can shoot,
my kids can shoot too, so.
>> Really. >>Yeah.
>> Would you want your kids to go into this profession.
>> Man, if they wanted to, if they wanted to.
>> Do they?
>> Well the little one's really, really competitive.
And she likes playing sports, and so we'll see,
oldest one she loves playing volleyball so we'll see.



「千萬不能搞砸」KOBE 最後一次上場比賽,艾倫也去了! (Kobe Bryant's First Post-Retirement Interview)

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