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  • Hallo everyone, I'd glad to come back here from Holland

  • to join this wall painting project. Actually it's also my grandma's village,

  • Thanks to the organiser, Kiwi's invitation

  • and helping with creating the "Dutch Cat" together

  • This street has lots of cats as a main topic

  • Because I've lived in Holland for a while,

  • That's why I want to introduce some Dutch symbol to the local people,

  • and tourists from everywhere.

  • Thus, you can see the windmills, and Dutch local treat, cheese. Bicycle is a Dutch symbol as well.

  • This is Dutch national flag, and the cats wear the traditional farmer clothes.

  • "Hoi" is hallo in Dutch, and in the background with lots of national flower, the tulips.

  • These two cat have some special meaning, they are both male cats.

  • In Netherlands, the same gender marriage is allowed in the early days,

  • which makes it one of most open-minded country in the world.

  • Some kind of drugs are legal, the sex industry is legal as well.

  • I'd like to share this freedom message with people here.

  • I hope the local people won't mind.

  • Please visit here, and you are welcome to join the wall-painting in the village.

  • Paint the cats in your world. Thank you for watching, see you next time, bye!

Hallo everyone, I'd glad to come back here from Holland


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A2 初級 美國腔

牧野的荷蘭磨坊 / 荷蘭的貓 彰化海豐崙 /藝術計劃荷蘭貓 (MuYu’s Hollandse Molen in Taiwan / 荷蘭的貓 彰化海豐崙 /Art project Dutch Cats)

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