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Hey this is Rahul from RideWithRahul.com and a very Happy New Year, to all my
subscribers and viewers, across the world. This video is done in collaboration with
Max Tremo, he has Walkarounds of all the latest bikes in this channel in 4K
quality so please visit his channel for that and tell him RideWithRahul sent
you. We are at the EICMA to take a look at the top upcoming Superbikes of 2016. The bike
we are currently looking at however this is the Suzuki's MotoGP bike, the RR-GSX.
After Yamaha its Suzuki's turn to be inspired from their MotoGP machine and turn
it into a road legal production motorcycle. In Suzuki's own words, "the king
of sports bikes' is back!" The liter class bike brings groundbreaking
technology with its VVT or Variable Valve Timing. It broadens the powerband.
When you're thinking sports bike, it's mostly peeky power high up the rev
range and impractical in everyday use. With the GSXR 1000 concept, Suzuki tries
to redefine all that with this VVT technology. The bike shifts towards
Harley like torque at bottom revs, then progressively changes to sport bike
timing at peak revs. Best of both worlds, they say. The compromise between high
peak power or more filling mid-range has finally been broken by this motorcycle.
As this is officially a concept, Suzuki, has not yet released the details specs. The complete
suite of electronics is however provided. We have ride by wire and a 10 level
traction control system which is adjustable while riding. 3 selectable
modes of engine power delivery which is also known as the SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector). You have
electronic ABS. We have lunch control and a quickshifter to system for both up and
down shifts. The downshifting is being implemented using on auto blipper. We're
not expecting this motorcycle until the end of 2016 but when it comes it will
be a game-changer, that is why I decided to start with the Gixxer. After a slice
of the near future,
let's look at the bikes that you would be able to buy right across the counter
from the early months of 2016. Not exactly a superbike in the
exact sense of the term but it's too big to be called a super-sports this is the
Dukati 959 Panigale. The outgoing 899 which this motorcycle
replaces, wasn't a slow bike by any standards but it required a lot of revs
to build up to peak power and it was getting beaten by its competitors so
Ducati engineers beefed up the bottom end and mid-range by increasing stroke length
which resulted in a 57 cc overall increase, the new motorcycle produces a
157 BHP with 80 pound-ft torque at the crank.
Thing I like about Ducati, is even in its Supersport equivalent you're going to
get the full electronics package. So you're getting the 8 way traction
control which is adjustable and you have a three-way engine braking control as
well with the multi-mode ABS. The chassis and engine are the same as before but
the body panels get a few aesthetic tweaks highlighted by a wider front snout with
bigger air intake scoops a reworked tail section and an all new exhaust. The bike
also gets a new engine mapping. Let me know in the comments section below,
whether you like this all the exhaust or whether you like the exhaust on the
previous 899 Panigale. moving on to the third bike it's the Yamaha MT-10.
Liter class naked bikes from japan is nothing new but I'm excited about this
bike because it gets all the electronic package and meets the BMW S1000R and
the (Aprilia) Tuono V4 head on. this will be at the top of the food chain on the MT/ FZ
series of motorcycles. This is essentially a 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1
stripped down to a naked bike. Yamaha gets passively aggressively with the design.
There is a deliberate attempt to redefine the brand's styling cues from the
past year and looking really good with this completely new shaped headlight and
well proportioned geometric body panels, on the MT-10. Yamaha's trademark 998 cc
crossplane crankshaft inline-4 engine is there and the power figures
have not come in yet. I'm expecting around a 160 bhp at the rear wheel
with a boost to the low and mid-range power.
If you remember the cost effective version of the R1 which was called
the R1S which had the steel rods connecting the engine instead of the titanium parts;
this bike follows the same formula and it also loses the gyroscopes sensors which
are present in the track version of the 2015 R1. Should be interesting to
see the final pricing on this one.
There is no word yet on whether this bike will be released in the USA or Indian
market. We're going to do this in a way, one naked bike and one faired bike, so
moving into the fouth motorcycle on the list, the 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R. I had
ridden the 2015 version of this bike and I absolutely loved it but the 2016
version gets a ton of changes. They're taking all of their research and
development from the World Superbike Series and now it has been implemented into
a production motorcycle. Last year it was Yamaha's turn to change it all up from
MotoGP and this year it's Kawasaki. and for the end user it's really a win-win
situation because you're going to use state of the art technology on an
over-the-counter sport bike. All the motorcycle brands base electronics package
on their vehicle dynamics model. Simply put, it's a mathematical model which is
used to predict the behavior of the motorcycle in space and a just a feeling
in suspension in real time to make them more recycled ready to tackle the
upcoming session in the pre-programmed tracks that are already fed into the
software so this is basically a 5-axis gyro system feeding the information
of this motorcycle into the ECU which makes real-time adjustments into the
motorcycle while it's blazing past a racetrack while taking into account
wheel speed, throttle angle, brake line pressure, engine RPM etc
other major advancements include the balance free fork by Showa which makes its'
debut from the WSBK for the first time on a production motorcycle. It's
supposed to take fraction of seconds
directly off lap times and it would be nice to see how it compares against
the 2015 R1.
Another important thing is that this motorcycle gets a cornering management
system, which is for those of you who like to break within corner or use trail
braking. Now, when you're doing that, the bike tries to stand up making you run
wide. With this motorcycle, the bike tries to maintain the lean angle even
when you're breaking and it makes the cornering a little easier.
Sounds fancy? We'll have to see what it feels like in real life! now let's take a
look at a different sort of a motorcycle which is definitely taking the internet
by storm.
Everybody who loves motorcycles, loves this bike. I've never seen anyone who
doesn't like a Ducati Diavel and with the 2016 X-Diavel, I think we're gonna love
it even more, if that is possible. 2016 version gets a belt final drive.
The forward mounted controls have been punched out further with more relaxed
tracker style handlebars and it gets bigger displacement engine so Ducati's
definitely believing in, there is no replacement for displacement sort of
staff and what is new with the desmodromic variable valve timing
engine is that it has a longer stroke and a higher compression ratio. The
result? The engine delivers the torque at much lower rpm. The previous version
delivered on 96 pound-feet at 8000 rpm but the current version is delivering 95
pound at 5,000 rpm which means that the torque is available right in the low- and
mid-range. This should completely change the feel of the motorcycle and put the
torque to rival some of the dedicated cruisers from Harley Davidson. Styling
also sees major revamp with the air intake scoops disappearing; displaying more
of the beautiful trellis frame. The headlight shroud is also gone. They exhaust
pipes have been rerouted and the new motorcycle has a more minimalist, pure
concept bike type look which hypes its all new LED headlight unit. But why should
you buy it over the other cruisers? Well, you're getting various riding modes
with cruise control there is cornering abs and there is a hands free
communication unit and a TFT dashboard. Basically you're getting an ultra-modern
Cruiser which is extremely futuristic. Before we get
to engrossed into the Ducati world let's get back to the sport bike world from
another European motorcycle maker, Aprilia. In 2016, it's not an all new bike.
the marked difference this year is the improvement of throttle response all
across this 14,200 rev range. Some major changes coming the mapping. The rain map
is gone and now it's replaced by a race map so the 3 modes are sport, track and
race. There's a quick-shifter but the downshift is done by clutch because
there is no auto-blipper. Aprilia was one of the first brands to introduce a full
electronics package into production motorcycle and it gets ABS, traction
control, wheelie control, launch control and now even there is an iOS app which
requires you to connect your iPhone to the motorcycle over wi-fi and then on
pre-programmed circuits around the world you can get real-time turn by turn
adjustment of traction and wheelie control which basically means you can go
into the details and fine tune the motorcycle according to your riding
preferences. After the power saturation brands have realized that they can't just
increase the power of Superbikes every year and now the focus is making that
power more usable and making the motorcycles safer with
electronic aids and at the same time making it faster motorcycle to ride on
Optional electronic aids are becoming standard across all brands and though
some people are against it,
this is definitely going to happen more and more future. For 2016 a new street
model called the KTM Super Duke GT has come out. Now this is a very exciting
motorcycle because it's based on the award-winning 1290 Super Duke R. The
Gt is a more touring oriented bike with a half fairing, a slightly large passenger
seat and saddlebags as standard. This sounds like a simple upgrade and to an
experienced motorcycle manufacturer like KTM it really is.
Now, they have included reshaped combustion chambers that optimizes chain swirl.
Intake ports that smooth throttle response at low rpm and the new connecting rods
with improved bearings.
This is just a small changes to the bike and the clutch has been hardened to 10% to
allow extended high-speed running we get a new modular due to low and mid-range
while still meeting the noise standards like the Super Dugard the GED boasts of
all the latest rider aids among which the main is motorcycle stability control
developed by Bosch. This incorporates cornering ABS, traction control, wheelie control
and rear wheel mitigation, hill hold assist and a few other things into one
single package and also all the other standard electronics is there.
Basically a more practical Super Duke. they've taken the Super Duke and made it
more comfortable so this is for the crazy guys would like to take
such a motorcycle to tour and with that motorcycle we conclude the video today
if you have liked this video please give it a like and Shere it in your social media (facebook, twitter).
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RideWithRahul. I'll see you very soon with more and more videos and something
really big is coming so stay subscribed and stay connected.
happy new year once again!


2016 Top Upcoming Superbikes 超級重機 (Top Upcoming Superbikes 2016 | 4K Video)

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