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Meet Atlas, a humanoid robot developed by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics
which is now owned by Google
it was developed with funding and oversight from United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA
Atlas stands approximately 1.8 meters or six feet tall weighs 150 kilograms
and is designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks
Atlas is based on Boston Dynamics earlier PETMAN humanoid robot that can not only walk across rough terrain
it also react to slipping and can retain balance much like a human can
it has four hydraulically actuated limbs and is constructed out of aluminium and titanium and illuminated with blue LEDs
Atlas is equipped with two vision systems a laser range finder and stereo cameras both controlled by an onboard computer
it has hands with fine motor skill capabilities and its limbs possess a total of 28 degrees of freedom
it can do advanced tasks like finding and picking up objects
and if they are dropped it will try again and again until it completes the task
Atlas can also react to external forces like being pushed or kicked
and it can also get up if it falls over
Atlas can also do things like finding an opening doors, climbing ladders, clearing debris locating valves
all the sort of tasks a human rescue worker would need to be able to do.
The Cheetah robot built by MIT is the first four legged robot to
not only be able to autonomously jump over obstacles in the way but also run up 28 miles an hour
slightly faster than Usain Bolt using it's on board lidar visual system which
uses lasers to map out the terrain in front of the robot, it can see where it's going and where to jump over obstacles
The team at MIT developed a three-part algorithm to plan out the robots path based on the LIDAR data
both the vision and the path planning system our own board the robot giving it completely autonomous control.
This works out the height of the objects and also of a distance from itself
and also the speed at which the robot is traveling
then it works out the best place to jump and clear the object in experiments on a treadmill and also an indoor track
the Cheetah robot successfully cleared obstacles up to 18 inches tall more than half of the actual robot height
whilst maintaining an average running speed of approximately 5 mph
testing the robot in an open area actually worked better than on the treadmill
because it had more time to react with it clearing 90% of obsticles
compared to only 70% on the more limited area on the treadmill
Spot is the latest electrically powered and hydraulically actuated four legged robot come from Boston Dynamics
designed for both indoor and outdoor operation and also to take a good kicking from its makers
though that is really just a good test to show its stability and ability to react to external forces
It can negotiate rough ground, climb hills even stairs but it is still remotely control a moment and
not a truly autonomous robot like his Big Brother the Atlas
as for what purpose it I have is unclear at the moment
but it could be a robot scout in a military situation or autonomous guard dog
or maybe even it could be a mechanic pet
we'll just have to wait till Boston Dynamics releases more information
it uses a form of scanning LIDAR for its navigation and it's backwards facing legs,
like that of a goat give it also great deal of agility
At around 1m tall and weighing approximately 72 kilograms, Spot is smaller than the previous versions like big dog
and being all electric it's much quieter without petrol engine that is installed in the bigger robot LS3
Probably the most well know robot is the Japanses Honda ASIMO
whist it can act realistically it has been a long time in the making.
In 1986 Honda under took a challenge that seemed straight out of science fiction at the time
to build a humanoid robot that might one day help people move with it and improve thier lives
making this dream a reality took decades testing the skill of the world's most capable engineers
their first hurdle was to build a machine that could walk on two legs.
a process that we humans take for granted and Honda throughly researched
The initial prototype had deliberate flat-footed steps each taking fifteen seconds to complete
Later prototypes had a more natural gait, they walk dynamically falling forward between steps as humans do
Up right balance took several more years to perfect
Then, 1992 Honda achieved the milestone prototype E6
not only walked in a straight line without support but it was also able to climb stairs
Hondas engineers advanced to the next level of development adding a torso, head, arms and hands
the first humanoid robot that Honda showed the public was self-contained of walked under remote control
it stood nearly six feet tall and weighed over 200 kilograms
the next version in 1997 was lighter more compact and better able to interact with people on a more human scale
As the new millennium approach, rapid advances in computers hydraulics and micro circuitry
brought science-fiction another step closer to science fact
and Honda greeted the world with a more approachable friendlier a robot
it called advanced step innovative mobility the first ASIMO. Over the next seven years
ASIMO's movements were refined to handle complex environment and perfom new tasks
Its size was reduced further to accommodate human living spaces
and today three decades since Honda engineers first accepted a challenge
ASIMO has a host of advanced physical and intelligence capabilities
ASIMO is now an autonomous robot but now only runs, jumps, spins around and anticipates people's movement
but can also manipulate objects and distinguished people by their voice and their face
As development continues, ASIMO is a fountian of innovative mobility ideas
that go far beyond its original design and are much closer to practical reality
ASIMO is a dream that Honda realized one step after another that someday soon
robots will coexist with people move for those who can not, work in difficult situations
and be the ears, eyes, hands and legs for people that need help in everyday lives
introducing the newest in Honda advanced step in innovative mobility - ASIMO
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2016年 五個驚人的機器人 (5 Amazing Robots 2016 - The Shape of Things to Come - Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO)

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