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  • a well thought out critique of whatever you are doing

  • is as valuable as gold

  • that third failure in a row

  • did you think I need to pack this in

  • never

  • why not

  • I don't ever give up

  • I mean I have to be

  • dead or completely inpascinated eight weeks later Musk

  • bet the company on another flight

  • We have lift off

  • this time around everything worked. Perfect!

  • if that 4th launched hadn't worked that would have been it

  • we would not have the resources to mount a fifth

  • successful entrepreneur probably come in all

  • sizes, shapes and flavours

  • some of the things Ive described alrready i think are very important. I think

  • really an obsessive

  • nature with respect to the quality of the product really really liking what you do

  • what whatever you get in to erm, given that

  • Even if your the best of the best theres allways chance of failure

  • so i think it's important that you really like what your doing

  • If you dont like it life is to short

  • when my brother and I were starting our new company

  • And instead of getting a apartment we Just rented a small office and we slept on the couch

  • We just had one computer

  • so the website was up during the day and I was coding at night

  • seven days a week all the time

  • you just keep going and get it done

  • You put $90 billion dollars

  • like 50 years worth of breaks, into

  • in to solar and wind too

  • to Solyndra and Fisker and Tester and Ener1

  • I mean, I had a friend who said you don't just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers

  • I'm available 24/7 to help solve issues

  • call me 3am on a sunday morning I don't care

  • but his bets payed off, we didn’t just repay the principle,

  • we actually repaid it with interest and a bonus payment.

  • Ultimately, the U.S. taxpayer actually made a profit of over $12 million on this loan.

  • work like hell I mean just have to but in you know 80 hour

  • 80 too 100 hour weeks every week. If other people are putting 40 hour weeks

  • and your putting

  • 100 hour work weeks you will achieve

  • in four months what it takes them a year to achieve

  • An naturall human tendancey is wishful thinking

  • so a challenge for entrepatures is to say so whats the difference between

  • really believe in you ideals and sticking to them

  • versus pursuing some unrealistic dream that doesn't actually have merit

  • your product or service needs to be much better It can't just be a little bit better

  • All those things improve the odds of success. I think my drive

  • is somewhat disconnected from

  • hope, enthusiasim or anything else

  • I just...... I actually don't care about hope

  • or enthusiasm or motivation I just give it everything Ive got

  • irrespective of what the circumstances may be

a well thought out critique of whatever you are doing


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RISK - Motivational video [Elon Musk] (埃隆-馬斯克) (RISK - Motivational video [Elon Musk])

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