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  • Hi and a huge welcome to Steve's kitchen we are going to start this Thai series

  • off with that quintessential recipe from Thailand Tom Yum Soup. Now a lot of

  • those soups will start with a paste of some sort but we're going to go with fresh

  • ingredients. Now just come down here we have got fresh prawns because this is going to

  • be a Tom Yum Goong and I got lovely prawns at the market the other day we're

  • going to be using shallots and Chili and lemon grass and galangal and kaffir

  • lime leaves and of course some coriander and some mushrooms as well. Going to

  • pack flavor into the soup let's get on and make Tom Yum Goong.

  • So what I've done with my prawn is I peeled off the central shell but I'm

  • leaving the head and tail on because that's going to add great flavor to our

  • stock we do want to take a little sharp knife and cut down the back of the prawn

  • and then just pull out the intestinal tract from the inside we don't want that

  • in there now let's prep our stock. Now I've got about a liter of water and I've got

  • fresh galangal. Now take the skin off otherwise it oxidizes and makes the

  • water go a little bit brown we just can roughly chopped this up and then

  • we're just going to drop that into our boiling water with my fresh lemongrass

  • we just want to slice this up roughly now the smell of that lemon grass is

  • delicious that goes in there as well

  • I've got red and green chillies here I'm just going to roughly cut these up I'm going to leave the

  • seeds in as well I'm probably going to use two or three red chillies because this is

  • after all a spicy dish, chilis in the water and the green chili as well seeds and all

  • now you can use dried chili it's perfectly fine now I've also got some little

  • shallots here I'm just going to chop these up very roughly into the pan with

  • the shallots and Kaffir lime is one of the most important ingredients and really

  • just going to tear these up and we're just going to pop those in as well so we're just

  • going to let that simmer away for a couple of minutes to let all those

  • beautiful aromatic flavours enhance our stock. If you follow my vlog videos as

  • well you will see some funny behind the scenes stuff because the chilis got

  • little bit hot in this room now come down here now once it's simmered for a

  • little while we're just going to take our prawns I've got about eighteen I think I'm

  • just going to slide those in don't forget we've got the head on there as well to add

  • flavor see they're going pink already and the next key ingredients are lovely

  • little oyster mushrooms just pop those in there now all the ingredients for

  • this will be on my blog as well I'm going to take a little fresh coriander

  • just dice that up very coarsely not all of it I'm going to save some for the finishing

  • touches just pop some of that in there as well

  • now barely a couple of minutes just to let the prawns cook through

  • after a minute or so I want to add about a tablespoon of fish sauce I'm just going to

  • put that into my ladle you can taste the soup now and start to feel what the

  • flavors are going to be like I'm also going to take the lime juice from some fresh

  • limes and hopefully you've got some bigger limes than this but I'm going to use

  • three or four of these I'm just going to squeeze the juice in their catch the

  • pips. I'm also going to add a little more fish sauce this is the time you want to taste

  • and adjust the flavors that's coming really good, so there you have it beautiful and

  • fresh Tom Yum soup and I'll just put some fresh coriander on the top there

  • now

  • forgive me using a regular spoon but I just wanted to give this a try

  • man o man that is packed full of flavor the chilis in this were really strong but

  • they're not overpowering the flavours are great of course I got my wonderful fresh

  • prawns in there as well so if you want to recreate a lovely delicious authentic

  • Tom Yum soup where you are

  • give this recipe a try share the love, give this one the thumbs up and as always I

  • love to hear your comments down below I will see you in the next episode where we will be

  • taking on another Thai classic. Be good see you there.

  • Don't forget to subscribe to the channel every Sunday we'll be putting up recipes

  • sometimes even more and blogging on the channel during the week as well so

  • subscribe stay in touch see you shortly

Hi and a huge welcome to Steve's kitchen we are going to start this Thai series


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如何做冬蔭湯 - 冬蔭功 ต้มยำ (How to Make Tom Yum Soup - Tom Yum Goong ต้มยำ)

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