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  • Hello there, you're listening to Positive Tunes 好歌學英文.

  • My name is JR, and each week on the show we talk about a specifically chosen positive song for you.

  • We talk about the song, the artist. We sing it, and we teach you the English lyrics.

  • So the artist and song we've chosen today is - 'More Beautiful You' by Jonny Diaz.

  • Jonny Diaz comes from sunny sunshine Florida.

  • And after graduating from high school he was offered a full athletic scholarship to play baseball for Florida State University.

  • Actually, all of his brothers, four of his brothers were all offered college baseball scholarships.

  • Quite an athletic family.

  • His brother - Matt Diaz played in the major leagues.

  • So Jonny, he played on his school team for one year. But after that he felt that God was calling out out to him to pursue music.

  • Jonny released two independent albums within college.

  • But it was till his first major label album in 2009 that made his mark in the business.

  • It's called - 'More Beautiful You'.

  • The lead single of the same titled album peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart.

  • This song is all about breaking the wrong idea of image and beauty that is sent forward by magazines and TV shows that we watch nowadays.

  • And according to Jonny Diaz, "It's contradictory to the truth".

  • So this song is basically just singing, "Hey, you know what. According to God, you were created with a purpose in mind, and therefore there can never be a more beautiful you."

  • So let's sing this song today.

  • I hope you like it. It's very positive, gives you a very great image about yourself.

  • And later on we'll teach you the English lyrics. So here it goes.

  • And that is your 'Positive Tunes' for today.

  • Jonny Diaz's 'More Beautiful You'.

  • I hope you like it. Send it to your friends. You can always google me by searching JR Lee Radio

  • Ok. Thank you very much. Once again this is 'Positive Tunes' every week with uplifting and encouraging music here for you in this unit.

  • I hope you liked everything about it. And we will be back next week.

Hello there, you're listening to Positive Tunes 好歌學英文.


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Positive Tunes 好歌學英文 // More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz. (Positive Tunes 好歌學英文 // More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz)

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