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  • How to Bandage a Hand. We use our hands for almost everything we do, so having an injured

  • appendage is, well, less than handy. Dress it now and you'll be able to handle most anything

  • that comes your way. You will need A 2- to 3-inch-wide bandage Binding clips or adhesive

  • tape and gauze (optional). Step 1. If the hand is bleeding, clean and dress the wound

  • before bandaging it. If the hand will be bandaged a long time, place rolled-up gauze between

  • the fingers to keep moisture from gathering between them. Step 2. With the victim's hand

  • palm up in front of you, place the end of the bandage on the inside of the wrist and

  • wrap it around the wrist twice. Step 3. Turn the victim's hand palm down and bring the

  • bandage diagonally across the back of the hand so its upper edge passes just below the

  • pinky nail. Step 4. Bring the bandage across the ring, middle, and index fingers, making

  • sure to leave the fingertips exposed. Step 5. Bring the bandage diagonally across the

  • palm of the hand toward the outside of the wrist, completing a figure eight around the

  • hand. Step 6. Repeat this figure eight a few times, staggering the position of the bandage

  • so it doesn't bunch up on each pass. Step 7. Use the binding clips found in the bandage

  • packagingor apply a strip of adhesive tapeto keep the bandage in place. Step 8. To make

  • sure you haven't impaired the victim's circulation, squeeze the tip of a finger on the bandaged

  • hand and gauge how long it takes for its color to return. If it takes longer than 3 seconds,

  • undo the bandage and redo it with a little more slack. Did you know Including the wrist,

  • there are 27 bones in the hand.

How to Bandage a Hand. We use our hands for almost everything we do, so having an injured


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如何包紮手部 (How to Bandage a Hand)

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