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Welcome to the virtual tour of movies starring A-List celebrities shot on location throughout
Las Vegas!
Caesars Palace
You have probably seen this iconic landmark in lots of movies. This is exactly where the
famous scene from “Rain Man” took place, in which the Tom Cruise character and his
savant brother, played by Dustin Hoffman, beat the casino at blackjack through the illicit
technique of card-counting.
This very scene was subsequently parodied in the comedy “The Hangover”, where a
group of friends, led by Bradley Cooper, attempt to deal with the crazy consequences of a bachelor
party gone wrong after they all wake up with no memory of the previous raucous night.
Mike Tyson?
Robert Downey Jr., as multi-millionaire superhero Tony Stark, played dice here as well in
the first “Iron Man” shot by Jon Favreau. Favreau also hilariously played his bodyguard
in the film.
Can I ask you a couple of questions?
[whispers to Stark] She's cute. [whispers to Favreau] She's alright?
Hi Yeah
It’s the fabulous Flamingo hotel!
This is one of many strange stops in the psychedelic trip of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson,
as masterfully played by Johnny Depp, in a drug-induced colorful scenes that takes place
in a suite of this hotel during “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.
The Griswold family's vacation goes wild at the Mirage Hotel in the movie “Vegas Vacation.”
The family is faced with the danger of gambling, puberty and charm of Wayne Newton. At the
end it is family values that cure all this Vegas madness.
Steve Martin’s “Sgt. Bilko” gathered together his entire platoon at the Mirage
and hits the craps table in the eponymous movie.
Is there anything we can do for you?
Yes, go down to your vault and tell the rest of your money to be patient, we'll be together soon.
On the right side you can see the Treasure Island hotel
in the movie “Knocked Up,” a phenomenally high Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd come to watch
Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere. But they soon realize that it was not the best of ideas.
Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous” manages to save Miss
America and … William Shatner from a sinking ship in Treasure Island’s outdoor pirate show.
In the third part of the film adaptation of the computer game “Resident Evil,”
an action packed, scary post-apocalyptic story, a dramatic zombie attack on a caravan of survivors,
with Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter, took place here near the replica of the Rialto Bridge
in “Resident Evil: Extinction.”
This same hotel was featured as the starting point in “Rat Race,” where a wild race
for a 2-million dollar prize takes place, all for the kicks of eccentric millionaires.
The challenge was accepted by 8 characters portrayed by the likes Whoopi Goldberg
Seth Green, Cuba Gooding Jr and the English comedian Rowan Atkinson.
Race! It's a Race!
I hope I win...
The Martians in Tim Burton’s movie “Mars Attacks!” all stayed here to witness the other-worldly
performance of Tom Jones singing his famous song “It’s Not Unusual.”
You're Tom Jones Right? "It ain't unusual",
Tom, Tom! Can I have an autograph? Anybody got a pen?
In the neighboring casino of the Mandalay Bay
Sylvester Stallone is once again
“The Italian Stallion,” as the 60-year-old “Rocky Balboa” puts on boxing gloves for his final
fight against heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver.
at the MGM GRAND hotel
In a movie Now You See Me, four talented magicians played by Jesse
Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco rob a bank in France and distribute
3 million Euros to the audience during their performance... but of course Morgan Freeman
explains to the police how they all did it.
Downtown Las Vegas
At the Golden Nugget casino, Jason Statham comes to take revenge for his girlfriend on
the son of gangster played by Milo Ventimiglia, showing off his stunning fight skills in “Wild Card.”
It is here that veteran Vegas magician “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”
and his partner, played by Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi, meet their main competitor
The tricky street magician played by Jim Carrey who shows off his shocking and, to
put it mildly, unconventional tricks.
In the movie “Lucky You,” Eric Bana plays a professional poker player living in Las
Vegas. He takes part in the main event of the World Series of Poker in Binion’s Casino.
After beating all the world’s poker stars, he
gets to the final table where he plays against the two-time World Champion,
who also happens to be his father.
(Luke) Noooooooooooo
It was Downtown LV where a final climactic scene takes place in which the characters
played by Nicolas Cage and John Cusack chase down escaped convict Cyrus, played by John
Malkovich, in the now classic action movie “Con Air.”
And it was also here that Brendan Fraser, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck flee from the gun-toting
Yosemite Sam in “Looney Tunes: Back in Action.”
Kevin James brings the unstoppable mall cop “Paul Blart” to life at the Wynn hotel
in his fun popcorn movie. Accidentally discovering a plot about a robbery, he decides to personally
apprehend the criminals with hilarious results.
Also, this hotel was utterly destroyed in the disaster movie “2012.”
At the Aria hotel
Three friends, played by Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, all go to the wedding
of their childhood friend, played by Michael Douglas, in the movie “Last Vegas.”
They decide to turn the clock back and arrange an exclusive stag-party where even rapper
50 Cent is turned away.
May i coming for little bit?
O, no it's a private party.
In the Planet Hollywood casino, the events of yet another movie about card counters called
“21” takes place. In this critically acclaimed film that’s based on a true story,
the character of the MIT lecturer, played by Kevin Spacey, assembles a crack team of five talented
students to beat the casino. The security officer, played by Laurence Fishburne,
tries to foil them.
British singer Aldous Snow, played charismatic Russell Brand, arranges a rock-star party,
together with Jonah Hill, in a luxury suite complete with furry walls. Sex, drugs, fights,
and a fire started by P. Diddy, all result in the characters fleeing Planet Hollywood
It was also at this hotel in “What Happens in Vegas,” that the characters of Cameron
Diaz and Ashton Kutcher meet each other and, after a night of revelry, discover that they
somehow got married. Everything becomes even more complicated when Ashton wins a jackpot
of three million dollars and Cameron’s character wants half of it as his newly minted wife!
And, finally, perhaps the most epic of all Las Vegas movies reenacts the most daring
casino heist in history. In a movie Ocean’s eleven. Professional thief Danny Ocean, played
by George Clooney, and his 11 friends, including Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, attempt to steal
$160 million from the depositary at The Bellagio.
And, of course, we cannot forget the legendary escape of Chao, from “The Hangover, Part III"
I love cocaine!
And the hotel was destroyed in the movie 2012... Well... all of them were destroyed in 2012...
just like in Godzilla.
Thanks for watching and we hope you liked our trip through Las Vegas’ cinematic history.
We’ll soon be showing off so much more, so subscribe to our channel!



虛擬實境:讓你親臨拉斯維加斯的30部強檔電影 (30 Best Las Vegas Movies In Virtual Reality (360° video))

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