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  • There is something magical, about, uh,

    [Richard] 投影機投射出的 膠卷畫面有種魔力

  • sitting there with a roll of film on a projector,


  • turning it on, and seeing projected in front of your eyes,


  • these little pictures.


  • Super 8 film has its own unique color and texture and grain...

    [Dianna] 超 8 毫米膠片具有 獨特的色彩、質感和顆粒效果

  • There's a... vividness about it.


  • I'm Dianna Barrie.

    我叫 Dianna Barrie

  • And my name is Richard Tuohy.

    [Richard] 我是 Richard Tuohy

  • And together we run Nanolab...

    [Dianna] 我們共同經營 Nanolab

  • in beautiful Daylesford, Victoria.

    [Richard] 公司設在澳洲維多利亞省的戴爾斯福特

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  • Nanolab is a Super 8 Processing Lab.

    Nanolab 是一間專門處理 超 8 毫米膠片的工作室

  • We process and transfer Super 8 film.


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  • We've had lots of customers from all over the place.


  • I think we've had every continent, even Antarctica.

    全球各大洲大概都有我們的客戶吧 連南極也不例外

  • We see people doing exciting things.

    從顧客拍攝的膠片中 我們看到各種新奇有趣的活動

  • We do see a lot of stuff that makes us laugh.

    很多膠片的內容 甚至讓我們大笑不已呢

  • The beautiful thing is, it doesn't matter where we are.

    最棒的是 不管顧客在世界上的哪個角落

  • People can find us from all over the world,

    只要在 Google 中輸入幾個字詞 就能輕鬆找到我們

  • simply by typing a few things into Google.


  • When people search for us, it's good to know

    [Dianna] 搜尋 Nanolab 的人 都能找到他們需要的資訊

  • they're finding the information that they need.


  • We get a lot of pleasure out of sharing what we know,

    [Richard] 我們喜歡與顧客分享各種訊息

  • and that's really easy with our Google+ Page.

    Google+ 專頁提供了絕佳平台 分享內容變得既輕鬆又簡單

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  • People are going to keep falling in love

    超 8 毫米膠片的魅力 歷久不衰

  • with sitting around a Super 9 projector.


  • Dimming the lights, eh, pulling the curtains down,


  • putting the beam of light on, and watching in awe


  • at shimmering color images on the screen.

    畫面上微微閃爍的彩色圖片 就會帶你進入一個迷人的世界

  • I think people will always love that.

    我想超 8 毫米膠片絕不會有退燒的一天

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