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so you're dating i i i assume you dated
at nearly six it but there's gotta be a

difference between backing was skies an
american that's right

added instantly wanna see differences
that i've diagnosis and

and you start inspired by market to get
on the jobs really well enough like that

and but adultery restraints
like usually you know in the uh... in
the whole coursing situation and i'm

used to being like fossil ignored for
like the first two months of the ritual

and then and then maybe doug knowledge
my presence in the monthly b_n_l_ means

to me in the navy
he well you know where
and i live in america should and i like
deny stands at brown this kind of thing

i like she'll greatest on a date that
stand out like

i'm sorry what's happened
you know he's called to sub for me
is that you had a very like at then end
very straightforward but they wear
flip-flops friday night

all right well yeah i i i don't really
think you just said fantastic so come

back anytime you want to your after he
really noticed something else being all

the time i
when i'm having a bad day and my friends
think he will send me

leave david back and skippy did that i
found my high defense my data

diarrhea exhibits one of my favorite
things also that we ever done as david

beckham we we did that they went on the
website lately but ah... the thingy baby

becomes even tell us what to say
beyond a doubt it's in the spring become
part of the wildcats larry isn't there

isn't a beautiful movie and the
wildflowers will be here after this

and a lot


美國英國男朋友大不同 (Emma Watson on American vs. British Boys)

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