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  • You're such a jackass!

  • Am I?

  • Mattie?

  • Mattie Carlson? My God!

  • - Mattie? - I've got to talk to you.

  • When I left my job here, I owed this guy a lot of money.

  • Hi.

  • You won't believe who's here! It's Mad Mattie Carlson!

  • - Can you wait in the car? Could get ugly. - Don't tell me.

  • I must talk to you.

  • You were a hairdresser?

  • You don't get a lot of choice in the relocation game.

  • I can't believe it!

  • Raun is gonna shit! He's gonna die! I can't believe it!

  • Can't say hi to an old friend? Cat got your tongue?

  • Say something!

  • Hi, Scotty.

  • Hiya, babe.

  • I can't believe you came back!

  • - How are you? - Great.

  • I like the...

  • That? It's just dirty. I had to tie it up.

  • - Gorgeous. - Who's this?

  • This is my sister.

  • Hi. Come on. Let's go see Raun.

  • - He's dying to see you! - I'll bet he is.

  • Your brother is a genius! Michelangelo of hair. I'm not exaggerating!

You're such a jackass!


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線上的鳥 (5/11) 電影剪輯 - 米開朗基羅的頭髮 (1990) HD (Bird on a Wire (5/11) Movie CLIP - The Michelangelo of Hair (1990) HD)

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