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What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is that I'm destined to be a struggling person.
Not being smart enough to pull off what I think I want to do in life.
Not succeeding in the goals that I had in mind for myself in the future.
Being forgotten.
Not making an impact.
Not leaving a legacy worth remembering.
Not doing enough, like, looking back
and wishing that I had done a bunch of things --
that and dying, like, a slow, tortured death.
Losing everything I have -- like, my family, my friends, and stuff like that.
My greatest fear is losing what I love -- my family, my activities, my friends.
I think I've lived my greatest fear, and that was losing the love of my life.
The ability to understand consciousness, Alzheimer's, that kind of thing.
The possibility of dementia.
I'm scared of when I die.
I don't really have a fear of anything in particular.
Indiana Jones.
Snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions.
I can't do snakes or spiders.
Any vicious animal that could attack me.
I'm still afraid of the dark.
Venice Beach.
Well, I mean, that's a scary place to go.
I really don't have any fears. I'm totally unafraid.
I could even stand here naked, if necessary.
Being out in the middle of the ocean in, like, open water.
Drowning, but like a specific drowning,
like where I've been thrown into the ocean,
and there's like a cinder block tied to my feet,
and I can't reach the top.
I watch a lot of, like, crime movies and stuff.
Probably fire more than anything.
Burning alive.
God forbid getting a stroke.
Making the wrong decision.
Not living up to who I know I can be, really.
The scariest thing is actually really pushing yourself to try for something you want.
Somehow talking myself out of chasing my dreams.
Running out of time and not realizing that you're running out of time.
I guess it's leaving this world, you know?
Elevators, 'cause when you hear something, like, kind of crack, I get nervous.
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你害怕面對恐懼嗎?他們說出了心中最大的恐懼 (0-100 | What's Your Greatest Fear?)

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Mikae Wu 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 8 日    Mikae Wu 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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