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  • Hi, my name is Giuliete Aymard and this is

  • a new episode of our Cambridge Institute Channel.

  • Today we're going to talk about Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations in the United States,

  • and it officially marks the beginning of the great holiday season.

  • Okay, you might say, but how did it all begin?

  • Well, it is a little bit complex,

  • but in a nutshell, the story is this:

  • Among the many groups of colonists who went to America,

  • there was a group of people now known as Pilgrims.

  • The Pilgrims went to America on a ship called the Mayflower in 1620.

  • They were escaping religious persecution in Europe

  • because they wanted a complete separation from the Church of England.

  • After the 65-day trip, the 102 passengers

  • finally arrived to Plymouth.

  • they were sick, tired and did not have enough supplies to successfully

  • settle in the new land.

  • Needless to say that after the first winter,

  • half of them had died, and things looked pretty bleak

  • to the ones who had survived.

  • Their luck in the new world finally changed

  • when they met Squanto, a member of the Patuxet tribe.

  • Squanto had been captured years before to serve as a slave in Europe.

  • He spent over a decade in Europe,

  • and finally managed to get back to his homeland.

  • So he spoke English and became friends with the Pilgrims.

  • He decided to teach them how to fish and how to plant in the new land.

  • Thanks to Squanto's help, they were able to have a bountiful harvest in 1621.

  • They were extremely happy with this great occasion,

  • and great occasions call for great celebrations.

  • The Wampanoag tribe joined Squanto and the pilgrims

  • in this harvest celebration that lasted for three days.

  • Basically, this first Thanksgiving marks 3 accomplishments:

  • The pilgrims that had survived for one year

  • in the new land, the bountiful harvest that was a promise

  • they would be able to survive for yet another year,

  • and their friendship with Native Americans.

  • After this first event Thanksgiving was celebrated sporadically,

  • by some colonists in New England, but as local events

  • that took place in different dates.

  • It took over 200 years for Thanksgiving to be established

  • as a national holiday,

  • and it was all because of a woman: Sarah Josepha Hale,

  • an editor from Boston, believed that Thanksgiving

  • was an important celebration that could help unite Americans,

  • promote patriotism and establish an all American holiday.

  • She spent over 17 years

  • campaigning for Thanksgiving, until finally,

  • in 1863, in the middle of the American Civil War,

  • she was finally able to convince president Lincoln

  • to establish Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

  • This date was later changed by Franklin Roosevelt

  • to the 4th Thursday of November.

  • In the beginning of the 20th century 2 new traditions were introduced:

  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • and Thanksgiving football games.

  • Macy's, a famous New York Department Store

  • has been organizing a parade in the streets of Manhattan

  • since 1924, with giant helium balloons,

  • celebrities, and marching bands. If you prefer watching football,

  • you can choose one from the hundreds of games being played,

  • from university teams to the NFL.

  • What about dinner? You may ask.

  • Well, a typical Thanksgiving dinner will include roast turkey,

  • gravy and stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

  • Some families also serve

  • yams, corn, peas, cornbread, pumpkin bread and apple pie.

  • As it is a lot of food,

  • the meal is usually served by midday

  • or early afternoon, so there is enough time to eat

  • and still spend a nice time with loved ones.

  • So, Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for our health,

  • our family, our community and all the achievements

  • of year hard work. It's a day for us to stop,

  • look back, and be happy about our journey,

  • with all its joys and hardships. Take a look at your life

  • and your year. What are you thankful for?

Hi, my name is Giuliete Aymard and this is


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