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  • Mutual Rescue Stories


  • In 2010, my doctor told me to buy a funeral plot because I would need one within the next 5 years.


  • But I'm still here, because a shelter dog saved my life.


  • Eric & Peety

    Eric 和 Peety

  • When people see a photo of who I was 5 years ago, they can't, and often don't believe that it's me.


  • My weight had crept up to 340 pounds, my blood pressure was through the roof, super high cholesterol, I had Type 2 diabetes,

    那時的我大約 150 公斤,我的血壓高到沖天,患有高膽固醇、第二型糖尿病,

  • and I was taking over a thousand dollars worth of medications a month.


  • And I just felt really uncomfortable around other people. I became separated from society and I just stopped living.


  • I went on a business trip. You know how small airplane seats are.


  • I could barely squeeze into one and basically I'd spill over both sides.


  • They had to delay the flight, because they didn't have a seatbelt extension that would fit me.


  • There was a gentleman next to me, and he just looked in complete disgust, and he looked at me,


  • and he goes, "I'm gonna miss my connection 'cause you're too fat."


  • That really was my bottom point. That's the point that I really decided that, you know, I'm either gonna die or I have to do something.


  • I looked in the phone book and I found a nutritionist near me.


  • One of the first things that she asked me to do was to go adopt a shelter dog.


  • It would force me to go outside, it would force me to become more socially interactive.


  • So I went to a local shelter, and I remember telling the lady,


  • "I would like an obese, middle-aged dog, so that I would have something in common with him."


  • And when I walked in the room, we both looked at each other with, like a look of "really?"


  • I took him home that night, neither of us knew what to expect.


  • And over a period of time, we really formed an inseparable bond,


  • and one that I'd never really experienced with another person or animal or anybody.


  • We began walking for at least a half an hour a day, every day.


  • And over the course of a year, just by changing what I ate, and walking with Peety, I lost about 140+ pounds.

    然後在那一年間,只靠著改變飲食習慣,加上天天跟 Peety 散步,我成功減了六十幾公斤。

  • Everything about my life improved.


  • I got off all meds, I no longer have Type II diabetes. Peety also lost about 25 pounds.

    我不再靠藥物維生,也擺脫了第二型糖尿病。Peety 也減了十多公斤。

  • So we did it together. It was like a miracle.


  • There you go! Whoo! Hi Peety!

    這樣就對了!Peety 好棒!

  • So I read over Peety's paperwork when I adopted him, and it turns out that, he was left alone in a backyard, and nobody played with him.

    我領養 Peety 的時候看了一下他的文件,發現他一個人被丟在後院,沒有人陪他玩耍。

  • He had arthritis and all kinds of rashes, and his skin was just itching all the time.


  • He was wondering what would ever happen to him.


  • He'd gone from being in a situation like I was, where he didn't have any friends, and he didn't know anybody, and really became a proud dog.


  • Peety, ready for the next stop? Peety's a good boy!

    Peety,準備好去下一站了嗎?Peety 好乖!

  • Beyond unconditional love,


  • (Yum! Peanut butter!)


  • Peety taught me absolute loyalty.

    Peety 也教導了我絕對的忠誠。

  • He looked at me, in every sense, as though I was the greatest person on the planet.


  • I decided that, I wanted to be the person who he thought I was.


  • One of the things that I dreamed of doing was running a full marathon. And he looked at me, like, "You can do it!"


  • And I went out, and I did it.


  • This entire process brought me out of my shell and made me a different person.


  • I knew that he was getting old and his time was coming.

    我知道 Peety 正漸漸老去,也知道死神悄悄靠近。

  • They discovered a really large cancerous growth on his spleen, and there was really nothing that they could do.

    他們發現 Peety 脾臟上有很大的癌細胞腫瘤,且他們都束手無策。

  • I knew that he was gonna die. I just laid with him on the floor.


  • He just looked at me and I could tell, that the life had just passed out of him.


  • And that was the end. And I just sat there, and I held him. I loved him so much.


  • I just was so sad and, you know, I'm still not over it.


  • About 6 months later, after a race, suddenly, it just came into my mind : "Just drive over to the shelter right now." And I did.


  • There was a dog that had been put in the adoption pen four minutes earlier.


  • His photo wasn't on the wall, he wasn't on the website, and I just looked at him, and he looked at me,


  • and he went, it was like, "Dude, let's get out of here!"


  • Jake is a completely different dog.

    Jake 是一隻完全不一樣的狗。

  • Jake loves to play and we started training, and he now runs 10 mile distances with me,

    Jake 熱愛玩樂,我們也展開訓練,然後他現在會跟我一起跑十英里的距離,

  • and we're gonna do our first half marathon together.


  • He's the best running buddy I could possibly have.


  • So really, thanks to Peety, I wake up every day, wanting to be the best person that I can possibly be.

    所以真的,多虧 Peety,我每天一睜眼,都朝著成為一個更好的人邁進。

  • He completely transformed me into a different person.


  • I think about it now, who rescued whom? I mean, did I rescue him or did he rescue me?


Mutual Rescue Stories


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