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Hey guys! Mr Oliver here, I wanna teach you how to be an incredible tosser.
It looks good, of course, it looks kinda pro. But that's not the reason for doing it, it's about everything
that's inside that pan, we wanna kinda give it equal love, of flavour and heat, access
to heat right. That's why we do it. So the whole dish just improves in flavour and texture.
So let me teach you the tips to being the most unbelievable tosser. First up, cold pan.
It might seem weird but trust me. And then just get a couple of handfuls of regular dried
rice there, hold it around here. Just like you would a drumstick ok? Secondly use gravity
to be your best friend. So just lean it like that, we don't wanna be tossing flat, that's
kinda hard. If you go down like that gravity helps you and it flows the food down. Then a little flick back.
So we're dipping down, we're using the curve of the pan, and that's
why you really need a good pan for this, thick bottom pan so you've got even heat distribution
so you've got a nice curved edge. So it's kinda giving you that nice little lick. So
use gravity, flick it back. The great thing is of course, when you start cooking, you
start being able to multitask. So let's show you a few little things in tossing mode. In
we go with some pasta, we can just agitate it like that. The other thing is, when you
putting things like parmasan, keep tossing, and you get that perfect mix of ingredients.
So you can apply the same thing to so many things, whether it's risotto, whether you're
doing a stirfry, whether you're, kinda, doing lovely little croutons in bacon, over a salad.
So there you go guys, that is my tossing 101. Share this on social media if you've got a
friend who needs help in tossing, or is a tosser but needs a little bit of fine tuning.
If you wanna see any more of my videos like how to tenderise my meat, or how to sharpen
my big chopper, then click the link in the description box below. Until next time, thank
you very much.


【名廚奧利佛】學會這招,帥氣甩鍋難不倒 (How To Be An Incredible Tosser like Jamie Oliver - AD)

9731 分類 收藏
Regina Chen 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 31 日    Regina Chen 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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