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  • I always feel having a trip around the island is a must for every Taiwanese.

  • Spring 2015, I finally got a chance to cross this out from my to-do list.

  • With my cute little sister.

  • One Camera, Two bikes, Twelve days of unknowns.

  • Let's go!

  • Cycling in the city.

  • Cycling along the coast.

  • Cycling in the forest.

  • Cycling near the cliff

  • and so many bike paths

  • with never-ended scenery.

  • Beautiful bridges

  • and all kind of stuffs on the road.

  • This is bike path on the center of the road.

  • and this is biking on the center of the road.

  • Way too many beautiful routes

  • and way too many crowded routes, too.

  • Those night-cycling time because we always woke up too late.

  • The good thing is we can always find some fun on the road.

  • Grab anything on the road when we were hungry.

  • and take break in 7-Eleven

  • or even eat in there.

  • I can't even remember how many times we walked the bike

  • because those terrifying up-slope mountain routes.

  • All these are for one simple reason:

  • To challenge ourselves

  • and to be more familiar with our own country.

  • To really feel this island by heart.

  • There are so many overwhelming scenes

  • but things we will never foreget

  • is not the scenery.

  • It is those wonderful people we met along the road.

  • it is those cyclist who cheers for us.

  • and those "how the heck did we get here?" mountain top.

  • Last but not least,

  • The feeling when we get back HOME.

  • Cycling around the island, We did it!

  • Taiwan. You are so gorgeous.

  • Thanks for everyone who help us one the way.

I always feel having a trip around the island is a must for every Taiwanese.


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[GoPro] 2015 吳吳單車環島 Cycling Around Taiwan ([GoPro] 2015 吳吳單車環島 Cycling Around Taiwan)

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