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- Peanut butter ain't just for sandwiches! - Let's talk about that!
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Goooood Mythical Morning! - I don't have to tell you guys that I've
got a couple of obsessions in my life, you know, that's the great thing about
this show is that we get to know each other!
- Yeah! - So you know that I'm obsessed with cereal,
- Right. - 16th-century flautists, and of course,
- peanut butter. - Oh, yes.
I love it, and I usually love to consume it by eating it.
- Name one 16th-century flautist. - Hey, that's another episode for another
- day, man. - (crew laughs)
- Okay! Sixteen 16th-century flautists! - (all laugh)
Tomorrow! Come back guys. Ah... but today we're gonna explore some alternate uses
for my favorite pantry substance that's not in cereal form-- and not crunchy,
- 'cause that's for losers. - Oh!
- Debate it in the comments if you want to. - Just threw in that one, didn't you.
But yeah, peanut butter-- and Imma say creamy--
Well, and the thing about this... well, I think creamy is gonna work mostly for
the applications that we're gonna do, because what we did is what we often do,
is we were on the internet and we found weird ways that people are doing things
that you wouldn't expect with items that you might enjoy in a certain way, and
we put it all together into a wonderful episode of
Good Mythical Morning just for you.
Let's get weird with it! Peanut butter style.
All right, we're gonna dive into some alternate uses for peanut butter,
starting with one that you might have heard of.
♪ (magical harp music) ♪
- I'm chewing gum right now. - I can tell! I realize that.
- I might be doing it for a while. - One time I accidentally threw some
gum into my ex-girlfriend's hair-- well, she was my girlfriend at the time, and
I accidentally threw gum in her hair because she was at the front of a concert,
I was at the back of the concert, and I thought it would be cool but it was stupid
for me to take my gum out of my mouth and throw it-- I don't know why--
towards this mosh pit area. And then my girlfriend comes out of, like, hundreds of
people back to the back and she's like, "You'll never believe what just happened!"
- (crew laughs) - "Someone threw gum in my hair!"
And I was like... "Really!" (laughs)
- "Whoa! That's horrible and it's stupid!" - How did she get it out of her hair?
(laughs) I think she pulled it out. You know? It took a little doing.
- All right. You ready? - All right.
- Don't make it juicy though. - I'll make it real juicy. It's my juice!
- (crew laughs) - Just put it in there.
Like, pull the hair out.
- What's happening? - (crew laughs)
I'm just making sure it's really in there. Oh gosh. I don't think it-- there's no
- way this is coming out. - Stop mushing it. Stop mushing it!
- All right, now get some peanut butter. - Now, can you feel that there's gum
- in your hair? - I don't wanna touch it! Oh my gosh!
(laughs) You might be in trouble, brother! Ooh, hope science is on our side today!
- (laughs) Oh gosh. - Okay.
All right, well look at that-- a fresh... little vat! I mean, we got a whole vat.
All right, you're gonna have to do it. I'm not... you're gonna have to be my stylist.
- Turn so the people can see you. - Okay.
- Okay, here we go. - Okay man, so...
- I'm a little nervous at this point. - (crew laughs)
Don't be shy with the peanut butter. I mean, you weren't shy with the gum!
- Oh, the peanut butter... - Can you tell me what's happening?
I gotta massage it in. Well, there's a LOT of peanut butter on my fingers...
There's a lot of peanut butter in your hair.
- Like, start to-- ouch! - Oh my gosh. I'm gonna try to release
some of the hair. Let me know if you're in any discomfort.
- AAAAGH! - (Rhett and crew laugh)
All right, look at that! Look at that! It's totally not working.
- (Rhett and crew laugh) - I've gotten a little bit of hair
- off of your head. - (high pitched) Aaaaaaaaaah!
Here it comes. No, that's gum. See, that's gum! See, the gum is releasing.
What has happened-- now, this is not what I expected, but this is what's happened--
The gum has become one with the peanut butter.
Oh yeah? It's gum butter? You're toying with the brand here.
You know what? It really looks exactly normal now. Let's show the people.
(Rhett and crew laugh)
♪ (magical harp music) ♪
You listen to all your music on compact discs, right?
- YEAH! - We do!
- (laughs) - We found a great CD at the local
- thrift store. - Bill Newman, guys!
Bill Newman, Unconditional Love. I'm sure he has a lot of albums and that's the one
- that we chose, or we found. - Now, we've induced some scratches, right?
So you're just gonna play a little tidbit here?
I'm gonna play Track 1, which is my favorite track, "Barcelona."
♪ (slow guitar music) ♪
- (CD skips) - Havin' trouble.
♪ (slow guitar music) ♪
(CD) ♪ I wish I were in Barcelona now ♪
- (CD skips) - Whup!
- (music stops) - I wish I were in Barcelona.
I think you get an idea of how much you would enjoy that if you could hear it
without the scratching, and there's only one way to make that happen.
- Peanut butter! - How're we gonna do this? Okay,
- I can see the scratches. - The peanut butter is supposed to be
- like polish, so-- - I see some scratches here,
- and I see- - Just do the whole thing. I'm
gonna wax on and wax off, I'm gonna put Bill right back in the CD player and we're
- gonna all take a trip to Barcelona. - Can I do it? You got to do my hair,
- I wanna do something. - Oh, you can do whatever you want.
Oh, wow. I can smell the Spanish air already!
- ♪ I wish I were in Barcelona ♪ - No, don't ruin it for me now.
- All right. - I want Bill to sing it.
All right, queue up Billy-boy, here.
- Take me to Barcelona. - It won't even play now.
(crew laughs)
- ♪ (slow guitar music) ♪ - Had a weird start.
- ♪ (slow guitar music) ♪ - Please. Please.
(CD) ♪ I wish I were in Barcelona now to walk with you ♪
- (Link and crew laugh) - (CD) ♪ to walk with you ♪
- (CD skips) - Oh! But it!
- No, no, no! - (CD) ♪ ... Barcelona now ♪
- (crew laughs) - (CD) ♪ Life is not the same ♪
(CD) ♪ Life is not the same... since I'm home again -- since I'm home again ♪
(CD) ♪ You know I went to Paris, and went to London too ♪
- That's pretty good, I mean-- - (CD stops)
I mean, we got the whole song, almost! I mean, we know--
We made it through the place that we stopped it before.
He went to Paris and London. We would've never known that without peanut butter.
- Right. We wouldn't have! - (crew laughs)
And I think if we buffed it a few more times?
We could probably bring the whole thing back!
And my love life would just go through the roof.
Oh, I'm already plannin' on takin' this home.
♪ (magical harp music) ♪
So apparently, peanut butter can also be used to clean leather, but I'm not sure
where we're gonna get any leather. I don't know if we brought any.
Uh, I know where we can get some. (laughs)
- Ohh! (chuckles) Oh, golly. - My pants! My pants, y'all!
- I wore my red leather pants today. - Ah, that's such a coincidence!
And they got dirty in a recent trip from Paris to Barcelona with my friend Bill.
Yeah, Bill-- Bill's messy. He's a messy guy.
- We were doing a little-- - Sometimes when you're hangin' out with
- Bill, he just gets-- what is that? - (Rhett and crew laugh)
It's, ah... we were doing some, ah... some bricklaying.
- Some bricklaying, okay. (laughs) - It's Masonite or something.
Well, put your leg up here so I can put some peanut butter on it. (laughs)
Okay, wow. Right here on your thigh? Is that where you want it?
Yeah, the outer thigh. Now, I could point out at this point that I could
- probably be doing this to my own leg. - But that wouldn't be as fun, come on.
- Okay, so-- - Let's buff it.
- You're a good buffer. - It's... hm.
- (crew laughs) - You gotta give it some elbow grease.
Sorry I had to grab your thigh like this.
Okay okay okay. And then we'll leave a little bit for comparison.
It got really clean right here, but up in here, up in here in your thigh
- area, it's very shiny. - Right, and it's fillin' in cracks like
- the CD, I think. - Look at that. Like a brand new pair of
- pants to take back to Barcelona. - I think that could work, within reason,
- I mean-- I think this is legit, guys. - Yeah, very legit.
And then if you get hungry, I'll just lick my pants.
♪ (magical harp music) ♪
Now, there's been many occasions when I've been traveling and I get to the hotel room,
I get up the next morning to shave, and I never remember to bring my shaving cream.
- Right. - But I didn't know this was a thing,
'cause of course I always travel with peanut butter.
- Travel size! - I've never used it as shaving cream
- until today. - Hey there, partner, are you interested
- in our special? - Sure!
You want full face or just right side of face?
- I'd like a peanut butter shave! - You want-- you goin'--
- Full face. - Oh, full face shave! Okay, here you go.
- Yeah. - Right in there, comin' across the whole
- mouth and everything. - Mmhm. Mmhm.
Okay, all right, there you go. I like your style.
- Mm! Mmhmhm. - Yep.
- See, and then it opens. - You want the right cheek?
- Mmhm. - I can't really see it.
- Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm. - Okay.
All right, and we've got some razors here, but I'm not A) paying for that, or
- B) trusting you to do this. - Yeah, that's not part of the special. I
- just put the peanut butter on your face. - Now, let's just weigh in at this point.
- This seems stupid. - Really?
Here's the reason I think it works. It has oil in it... oh gosh, you're like-- ooh.
I mean, I've already shaved this morning. I think-- is it? Oh, there's no peanut
- butter down there. - I didn't go there. I'm sorry, I didn't
know. You didn't ask for that. Oh, I can hear it! I can hear it happen there.
- Oh. Goodness. - It looks like it's very smooth.
Half the time-- half the time I'm just raking peanut butter off my face.
At this point, you think shaving cream works better?
I mean, at this point, might as well use jelly.
- (Rhett and crew laugh) - Yeah, this is a fail. This is a fail.
Yeah, I don't-- there's so much resistance and it's doing nothing but clogging...
- Like, there's hair in there. - Yeah. That is super nasty.
- Imma throw that away. - Little hairs in peanut butter--
- Yeah, get rid of that. - Um, don't try that at home.
But am I bleeding right here? Because I think I did cut myself. Right there?
I think you might be bleedin' peanut butter.
♪ (magical harp music) ♪
You know, Rhett? Your hair's looking a little dry today.
- You think so? - Yeah, I just can't help but notice that--
- Hm. - I mean, I have some peanut butter here.
- Oh. - And they say on the internet--
- I've heard this. - That...
- It's a hair moisturizer, yeah. - Yeah, so...
- Welcome to my shop. - Now, interestingly, I'm glad I'm giving
you this opportunity... oh, wow. That's a lot of weight up there.
It's heavy. It's perfect for what I'm going for here.
I'm glad to give this opp-- oh! Oh, ooh, don't pull my hair! That hurts, man!
I got sensitive scalp. You wanna be a hair stylist, which I know that's your backup
career, then you're gonna have to make it an enjoyable experience for your clients.
Just imagine yourself in a peanut field. Close your eyes... close your eyes.
Goodness, it takes a lotta peanut butter to cover the
- surface area here. - Oh gosh.
It's kinda like comic book character hair, you know?
- Like an action figure. - An action figure.
- Yeah, I gotta put some... - You're gettin' a lot on my ear, just so
you know. Is it ear moisturizer? Because you're about to clog up my ear with
- peanut butter. - No, no, no, it's fine. Got it off.
- (crew laughs) - I mean, really, you've gotta get a lot...
- And then over here... - My head has gained three pounds.
- Look at that, guys! - Like, I feel like my neck is getting
- a workout. - ♪ I wish I had peanut butter for hair ♪
- (giggles) - You know, we could go--
- ♪ every day ♪ - We could go to Barcelona with Bill
- and offer this... - ♪ of the year ♪
on the streets. You wear those red leather pants. It's about to drip over here
- on this side. - Where?
- Right there. See that? - Right there? No, that's--
- that's an accent. - That? No, right there.
- That's about to fall into my collar. - Look at that.
This is a masterpiece! It's like I've spackled a new hairstyle on top of you!
- (crew laughs) - It doesn't look good on the front.
- I gotta fix the front, hold on. - It's like I was in some kind of accident
- and then there was like a new treatment. - (Link and crew laugh)
A new treatment to try to get hair to grow back, and it failed.
- I gotta get it... - (crew laughs)
I gotta get at this part, because...
- Oh, I don't know about that. - (crew laughs)
Uh oh. It's really hanging in the balance at this point. (chuckles)
You've used three-quarters of that jar of peanut butter on my hair.
- Oh gosh, what's going on now? - (Link giggles)
- (all laugh) - It's creepin' down the forehead!
- It's really startin' to drift a lot! - (crew laughs)
It's goin' towards my eye. You know what? I'm just gonna trust the master at this
point. That's all I can do is trust the master. Oh, nice.
I'm basically giving you my hairstyle, but it's made outta
- peanut butter. - (Rhett and crew laugh)
- Oh gosh! That is awesome. - I'm giving you my hairstyle, man.
You're gonna be cool. - You know what? This could actually be
a service where you preview different hairstyles for people with peanut butter.
- Right, right, right. (laughs) - This is what this haircut would look like.
- Oh, whup! - Oh gosh.
- (crew laughs) - That went in my lap.
- All right, and then-- oop! - (all laugh)
- All right, I gotta cover this, this-- - It's not a bald spot.
- bald spot. - You were about to say "bald spot."
- This thing, here. - Mm.
I don't even care about the show anymore, I just wanna make this look awesome
- for myself. - Oh gosh, look at the mullet status
- in the back! - (Link and crew laugh)
- That is unbelievable! - Look at that mullet! That looks
good, dude! Now, if you leave that in there for, like, days at a time
- (crew laughs) - Now I have a man bun.
- (crew laughs) - Okay. All right, I think my job
- here is done. - Well, I'm definitely happy.
- (crew laughs) - Yeah, it's not supposed to make you
- happy, it's supposed to... - Whup!
- Got it. - (Link and crew laugh)
All right, feel free to try some of these on your own. I wouldn't try that one, but
- I would try this one on friends. - Yeah, this'll be fun.
Thanks for liking and commenting-- and subscribing; make sure you do that.
You know what time it is!
- Hi, I'm April. - I'm Emily.
- I'm Ian. - I'm Holly.
- I'm Rachel! - I'm Beth.
And we're at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.
And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!
Remember, you can watch Good Mythical Morning 24 hours early every day at
Vessel.com/rhettandlink. And if you wanna listen to "Barcelona," you can get Bill's
album on iTunes. The link is in the description.
Click it, y'all. Support Bill! Click through to Good Mythical More where we have
more fun with Rhett's hair and see what's happening back here, if this stuff
- is coming out. - I don't think this can get more fun.
Link finds a treasure map that leads to Rhett's ear.
- (crew laughs) - Oh, look at this.
- Oh, that's a towel! - I just found-- no, it's a map!
- Ooh, yeah! Okay, I see it now. - It's a treasure towel.
- Yeah, I can tell! - It says that there's a treasure around
here. Stand up, take three paces to the left...
- Okay. - One, two, three.
- There you go. - One pace backwards.
- Yep, there you go. - Three paces to the right...
- Yep. - And one pace up...
- Found it. - Aegh.
- (Rhett and crew laugh) - AAAAAAAAAAHAH HAAAGH!
[Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]



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