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  • In the years since the 2008 global financial crisis, some regions have seen unprecedented growth, while others have been stagnating.

    2008 年全球金融危機之後,有些地區飛速成長,有些則停滯不前。

  • In particular, metropolises around the world are exploding economically, with a majority in developing countries like India and China.


  • In fact, more than half of all metropolitan regions have fully recovered from the financial crisis, although about a fifth are still struggling.

    事實上,超過半數的大都會地區已經完全從金融危機中恢復,但仍有約 1/5 的城市情況不佳。

  • The slowest developing cities are predominantly found in North America and Western Europe, but where are the fastest developing cities in the world?


  • In 2015, the Brookings Institute released a survey of more than 300 global metropolitan economies.

    2015 年,布魯金斯學會發表全球 300 多個都會的經濟調查報告。

  • The highest ranked countries were those which sustained significant economic growth while also increasing employment numbers.


  • The fifth fastest growing economy was Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the few developed cities on the list.


  • Much of the Middle East has seen incredible growth through oil wealth, but Dubai has exceeded all expectations by evolving past an oil-dependent economy.


  • The city has instead become an international transit hub, and is currently expanding their airport to accommodate up to 220 million passengers a year.

    杜拜已然轉變為全球交通樞紐,目前正擴建機場以達到每年 2.2 億旅客人次的服務容量。

  • The world’s current largest airport in Atlanta, Georgia, services only about 100 million annual passengers.

    而現在世界最大機場位於美國喬治亞州的亞特蘭大,每年旅客僅約 1 億人次而已。

  • Dubai’s transition in economy has led to about 4.5% growth in GDP per capita, while the rest of the UAE struggles to regain pre-2008 economic levels.

    杜拜的經濟轉變促使人均 GDP 成長 4.5%,但阿拉伯聯合大公國內其他地區連重回 2008 年以前的經濟水平都很困難。

  • With high levels of tourism and trade, the surrounding service industry makes up nearly three quarters of the city’s GDP, and in fact, Dubai is one of the richest metropolises in the region, with manmade ski-slopes in the desert, artificial islands, five star hotels, and high-rise condos.

    隨著旅遊和貿易發展蓬勃,相關服務業包辦杜拜 GDP 總額約 3/4,事實上,杜拜是該地區最富裕的大都會,擁有沙漠裡的滑雪場、人造島嶼、五星級飯店和摩天公寓大樓。

  • The next three fastest growing economies were all Turkish cities. Iz-mir, Istanbul and Bursa have all seen about the same rates of growth in GDP per capita: roughly 2%, as well as 6.5% rises in employment.

    全球發展快城 2 到 4 名都在土耳其:伊茲密爾、伊斯坦堡和布爾薩,人均 GDP 成長率都在 2% 上下,就業成長率也有 6.5%。

  • Turkey’s economy has been booming, and for all the right reasons: its location between Europe and Asia is perfect for infrastructure investments, especially as China seeks to bridge the gap with the New Silk Road.


  • These investments work in two parts: stimulating the economy through short term jobs, and laying the groundwork for better trade efficiency in the future.


  • First on the list was one of China’s autonomous regions, Macau. It is notably one of the largest gambling cities in the world and is often referred to as the "Monte Carlo of the Orient".


  • Gambling tourism has contributed significantly to their rapid growth, roughly 8% per capita GDP. Gaming represents roughly half the region’s GDP, and employs a fifth of the workforce.

    澳門博彩業大力推動經濟成長,人均 GDP 高達 8%,博彩業就佔了近半 GDP 總額,以及 1/5 的勞動力。

  • However, since the Brookings Institute named Macau the fastest growing economy, the autonomous state has seen its growth collapse.


  • One of the biggest reasons for the rapid decline was China’s crackdown on corruption in recent years.


  • Nearly every provincial division of China has seen public officials taken down on corruption charges.


  • These VIP officials were ostensibly the lifeblood of Macau’s gambling growth, and without them, the industry took a big hit.


  • With the exception of Macau, most of these cities have jumped around the list of fastest growing economies based on global demand and wise investment.


  • While we don’t know which cities will be in the top ten next year, they are mostly guaranteed to be in the developing world.

    雖然不知道明年上榜的前 10 名會是哪些城市,但大概都會落在發展中國家。

  • As cities develop, their populations growleading to problems such as housing shortages and gentrification.


  • In Helsinki, Finland, rent has become so expensive there that a program is giving affordable apartments in retirement homes to millennials if they agree to socialize with the seniors.


  • Our project is called "A home that fits".


  • It's almost like a dorm, but the people are young and old.


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In the years since the 2008 global financial crisis, some regions have seen unprecedented growth, while others have been stagnating.

2008 年全球金融危機之後,有些地區飛速成長,有些則停滯不前。

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