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  • Are you serious right now? Don't get us kicked out again!


  • I'm not gonna get us kicked out. That was like one time.


  • Instagram vs. Real Life

    Instargram 美照跟現實生活的差別

  • Just finished my usual morning run! #gettinginshape

    剛晨跑玩! #邁向苗條

  • Chloe is my BFF! #wereadorable #puppylove

    克洛伊是我最好的朋友! #我們超可愛 #純純的愛

  • Come here, Chloe. Come here. I'll give you a treat.


  • Okay, this isn't helping.


  • My boo is the best. Aren't we the cutest?! #basicallyengaged #togetherforever

    我寶貝果然最棒。我們超可愛吧! #可以結婚了 #永遠在一起

  • So uh, I slipped on a banana peel the other day. - Surprise selfie!

    我昨天採到香蕉然後滑倒。 欸自拍一下!

  • Yeah. I woke up like this. NBD. #nofilter #naturalbeauty #beyonce

    這是我起床的樣子 沒什麼!#無濾鏡 #自然美 #碧昂絲

  • Another beautiful day in California! #caligirl

    又是加州美好的一天! #加州女孩

  • Aww, what a beautiful flower.


  • Can't get enough Sunday morning yoga! #namaste

  • Emily, will you take a picture of me? Please. Yeah.

    最愛週日早晨做瑜珈了! #namaste

  • Okay, but make sure I look poised, okay? Ok. Stand still, ok, I got it.

    艾蜜莉,你可以幫我拍張照嗎? 拜託! 好吧

  • Here you go. Wait, did you get it? Emily, actually I don't think I can get up.

    要把我拍得很優雅喔。 站好囉! 好了,我拍好了。

  • I gotta go. Ok, wait, can you send someone else?

    給你。 等等,你有拍到嗎? 艾蜜莉,我好像起不來了

  • Night out wit da girlssss! #herewego #alcohol #danceallnight

    我必須走了。 好吧,那妳可以找人幫我嗎?

  • You guys, let's take a selfie. Yes. Ok, ready? One, two, got it.

    與女孩們的夜晚約會 #走吧 #酒 #徹夜狂歡

  • (vomits)

    我們來自拍。 好阿,準備囉! 一、二,拍好了。

  • Do we look good in the picture. Yes, OMG, I love it !!


  • Okay. Can we see it? Yeah.

    照片有好看嗎? 有耶,天啊,我喜歡

  • We're not really in the air.


  • It's like one, three, and like not one, two.


  • Jump! Boom! Got it.


  • It's actually...oh but my hair's like in the (way)


  • Yeah, let's just smile. Okay!


  • So glad I ran into @quintab, looking all kinds of candidly flawless.


Are you serious right now? Don't get us kicked out again!


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Instagram 上的美照其實都是......假的?來看美照與現實生活的差別! (Instagram Vs. Real Life)

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