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  • There’s this door on the 10th floor of the Vox media office that I hate so much.

    我超討厭 Vox 公司 10 樓的這扇門!

  • God dammit!


  • - Do you ever get this door wrong? - Pretty regularly.

    - 你有曾經開錯這道門嘛?- 超級常的。

  • - Have you seen people misuse it? - All the time. Every day. Constantly.

    - 你有曾經看過其他人也開錯嗎? - 幾乎每天無時無刻。

  • I hate this door.


  • Me, too, Kelsey, but here’s the thing: as soon as you start looking for confusing doors, they are everywhere.

    Kelsey 我也是,但奇妙的是,當你開始注意奇怪的門時,你會發現它們無所不在,為什麼為會這樣?

  • - It's "push". - Why?

    - 要用推的。 - 為什麼呢?

  • I feel like Roman Mars would know about this.

    我想 Roman Mars 應該知道為什麼。

  • This is 99% Invisible, and those doors you hate are called Norman Doors.

    這裡是 99% Invisible 網路電台,你討厭的那扇門其實叫做 「諾曼門」。

  • What’s a Norman Door?


  • Don Norman wrote the essential book about design. He is the "Norman" of the "Norman Door".


  • Alright, and where is this guy?


  • - You must go to San Diego. - Okay!

    - 你得去一趟聖地牙哥才能找到他。- 好!

  • - Hi, Joe! - Hey!

    - 嗨 Joe。- 嘿。

  • I’m Don Norman. I’m… gee, you know it’s hard to describe what I am.

    我是唐·諾曼,我是... 天啊,有點難說我到底是誰。

  • Well, he’s been a professor of psychology, professor of cognitive science, professor of computer science, a vice president of advanced technology at Apple, but for our purpose.


  • I was spending a year in England, and I got so frustrated with my inability to use the light switches and the water taps and the doors, even, then I wrote this book.


  • If I continually get a door wrong, is it my fault?


  • No. In fact, if you continually get it wrong, it's a goodand if other people continually get it wronggood sign that it's a really bad door.


  • A Norman Door is one where the design tells you to do the opposite of what youre actually supposed to do, or gives the wrong signal and needs a sign to correct it.


  • Why does it need an instruction manual? That is, why do you have to have a sign that says push or pull? Why not make it obvious?


  • It can be obvious if it’s designed right.


  • There are a couple really simple, basic principles of design, and one of them I’ll call discoverability: When I look at something, I should be able to discover what operations I can do.


  • The principle applies to a whole lot more than doors.


  • And it’s amazing with many of our computer systems today, you can look at it, there’s no way of knowing what’s possible; should I tap it once, or twice, or even triple tap?


  • So, discoverability, when it’s not there, well, you don’t know how to use something.


  • Another is feedback.


  • And so many times, there’s no feedback; you have no idea happened or why it happened.


  • And these principles form the basis of how designers and engineers work today, Commonly known as user- or human-centered design.


  • I decided at one point the word "user" was a bit degrading; why not call people "people"?


  • And it’s amazingly simple and amazingly seldom practiced; we call it iterative 'cause it goes around in a circle.


  • We go out and we observe what is happening today, we observe people doing a task.


  • And from that we say, "Oh, we have some ideas. Here’s what we should perhaps propose to do."


  • Then you prototype your solution, and test it.


  • Quite often these are wrong at first, but each time they go around the circle we do a better job of making the device, until the point we're actually making something that really works.


  • And this process has spread all over the world


  • and it turns out it's improving lives.


  • - From better every day things like the ones Don wrote about... - to using the same process to solve huge problems in public health in developing countries...


  • - Water, farming... - Sanitation, lots more.


  • So what’d be a better human-centered door?


  • An ideal door is one thatm as I walk up to it and walk through it, I’m not even aware that I had opened a door and shut it.


  • So if you had a door which had a flat plate, what could you do? Nothing. The only thing you can do is push. So, see? You wouldn’t need a sign. A flat plate, you push.


  • This kind of push bar with the piece sticking out on one side works well, too, so you can see what side youre supposed to push on.


  • Vertical bars could go either way. A simple little hand thing though, sort of indicates "pull".


  • But we still have terrible, terrible doors in the world. So many of them.


  • There are lots of things in life that are fairly standardized and therefore whether I buy this house or not is not a function of whether it has good doors in it. And so, except for safety reasons, doors tend not to be improved.

    生活中有許多東西都蠻標準化的,因此我買房子的時候不會取決於它是否擁有一扇好門。若非考量安全因素, 門通常都不是會被注意且被改善的。

  • But the tyranny of bad doors must end.


  • - I think that it’s a really shitty design. In fact, they put a pull handle when it’s a push. That should be a flat panel here, and not a [beep] pull handle. That’s how I feel about this door, it’s very misleading. - I agree.

    - 我覺得他們放上「拉」的扶手、門卻是往裡面推,是個蠻爛的設計,這裡應該要放上一個平的杆讓我們推,而不是一個爛透了的拉手把,我只是覺得這扇門完全在誤導人。- 我同意。

  • Youre right, Becky. Youre God-damned right. And if we all thought like you, well, we might just design a better world together.

    你說對了 Becky,你他媽的說對了!如果我們都跟你想的一樣,那我們應該會一起創造一個更好的世界。

  • It won't open because it's a security door!


  • What the **** are you two doing?


  • Hey, so as you can see, since I started making this video, they've since changed the door a little bit. Guess it's a step in the right direction. Thank you so much for watching and to 99% Invisible, one of my favorite podcasts, it was so much fun to collaborate with with them, thank you. And check them out on any podcast app or

    嘿,就像你看到的,當我開始製作這個影片他們就開始稍微對它做了些改變。我想應該是朝理想中成功跨出了一步。謝謝你們的收看,我想跟 99% Invisible,我最愛的網路電台之一說,跟他們一起合作實在是太有趣了,謝謝你們,請從任何的廣播 app 或是 這個網址查任何有關於他們的資訊。

There’s this door on the 10th floor of the Vox media office that I hate so much.

我超討厭 Vox 公司 10 樓的這扇門!

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門到底要用推的還是拉的?搞錯絕對不是你的錯!(vox: It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.)

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