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  • So there's this guy. Yeah, this guy, and this guy decides to make a better deck shoe.

    有個男的,對,就是他 ,他想要研發出出色的帆布鞋。

  • This better deck shoe, with a rubber sole that looked like waffles and stuck like syrup, and a custom upper made up of whatever fabric you were feeling and surfers dug that.


  • So pretty soon these shoes started popping up all along the coastline, including a little surf shop in Santa Monica where some hood-rat kids had started surfing asphalt, carving banks, hijacking pools and reinventing skateboarding in the process.


  • So by the time they showed up to Del Mar in matching blue '44s, these shoes were as essential as the boards themselves.

    所以當他們出現在德爾馬,穿著藍色 44 號,這雙鞋變得跟滑板一樣重要 。

  • Then the guys were like "Hey, can you make 'em like this?" So we did, which led to this shoe, which led to this shoe, which led to a stripe down the side, and kids sketching up the uppers.


  • Then this guy took over and got these shoes traveling off the wall and into the ruckus, sticking to the floor and bouncing around pits before ending up in Hollywood, and blowing up in a movie the lawyers say we can't mention.


  • Whatever, you know the one.


  • From there we took it international, while uniting kids from Sao Paulo to Shanghai under a checkerboard flag, and bringing the underground to the main stage one show at a time.


  • Creating the House of Vans to give a nation of millions a place to come up, just like those that came before them.

    建造 House of Vans 讓數百萬的追隨者有地方可以探訪,正如同之前的追隨者一般。

  • So while groupies line up to chase the next fad, we'll keep rocking our Vans, just like we have for the last 50 years. Same as it ever was, only sometimes a little different.

    所以當狂熱追隨者追逐下一個潮流,我們將會讓 Vans 繼續搖滾下去,正如過去 50 年一樣。始終如一,偶爾加入一些小變化。

  • This is our story and we're sticking to it because we're the Van Doren Rubber Company but you can call us Vans.

    這便是我們的故事,我們是 Van Doren 橡膠公司,但是你可以稱呼我們為 Vans。

So there's this guy. Yeah, this guy, and this guy decides to make a better deck shoe.

有個男的,對,就是他 ,他想要研發出出色的帆布鞋。

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