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  • When my letter reaches you

  • please don't break the seal

  • just wait a little while

  • give it time to heal

  • and I believe you'll understand

  • just exactly how I feel

  • this is my last

  • and my most loving, request

  • with a restless innocence

  • our hearts began to race

  • with one things on our minds

  • we foolishly embraced

  • and now as twilight closes in

  • I see you from a distant place

  • and I wish for you all the

  • courage that you'll ever need

  • to be your best

  • and although it storms

  • and it's raining outside

  • all the people of the city

  • still believe in the existance of the sun

  • and a forgotten melody

  • and a blurred silhouette

  • a life without pain

  • is a life without joy, without fun

When my letter reaches you


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B1 中級 美國腔

優優學長結局4(英文) (Yu Yu Hakusho ending 4 (english))

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