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- Cole's going to name a category.
He'll say "name three things,"
and we have five seconds to name those three things,
in whatever the category is.
I'll go first so you understand what we're talking about.
- Okay, so you go first. - Yeah.
- Okay, here we go.
Ellen. - Yep.
- Name three famous Australians.
- Ah, Portia de Rossi, Cate Blanchett and, uh,
Argh! Ah, uh, Naomi Camp--
[buzzer sounds] Naomi Watts.
[audience laughter]
See? It's just that easy.
- I could do-- I could do worse.
- Okay. - Okay, here we go.
Cate. - Oh!
- Name three Oscar winners.
- Um, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep.
[cheers and applause]
But she won three times! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
- All right. [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
- Cheater! Cheater!
[audience laughter]
- Okay, here we go, Ellen. - Yep.
- Name three green vegetables.
- Uh, a cucumber, lettuce, broccoli.
[cheers and applause] - Are you a vegetarian?
[cheers and applause] Yeah.
[cheers and applause]
- Nice, nice. - Okay.
- Okay, here we go, Cate.
[laughs] [audience laughter]
- It doesn't really help. - No, no, I play fair.
- All right. - Okay, here we go, Cate.
Three things you'd find in your nightstand.
- Toothpaste, tampons and condoms.
[cheers and applause]
- In your nightstand? [cheers and applause]
- It's a nightstand. - Wow.
- Here we go. [audience laughter]
- All right, we're learning so much about you in this game.
[audience laughter]
- So Ellen, the next question is, three male body parts.
- [stammering]
A leg, and an arm, and a neck.
[audience laughter]
[cheers and applause]
- Yes! [cheers and applause]
[laughter] [cheers and applause]
Okay, buzzer back so it's fair.
Th-- [laughs]
[audience laughter]
Three things you can lick.
[audience laughter]
A lollypop.
[audience laughter]
[buzzer sounds] [audience laughter]
[audience laughter]
[cheers and applause]
- There you go. - Oh!
[cheers and applause]
[bell dings repeatedly]
There you go. [cheers and applause]
- I couldn't-- I couldn't keep it clean,
so I thought it was better not to say anything at all.
- All right, well, apparently that's the only thing
that you can lick.
[audience laughter]


【艾倫秀】凱特布蘭琪的快問快答,到底會出現什麼爆笑的答案呢? (5 Second Rule with Cate Blanchett)

6758 分類 收藏
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