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  • Conan: Now, Seth, apparently you caused a bit of a stir...

  • Seth: A kerfuffle.

  • Conan: A kerfuffle. No one says that.

  • Conan: The last time, I believe, maybe it was the last time you were on our show...

  • Seth: Yeah.

  • Conan: You started talking about Singapore, is that correct?

  • Seth: Yeah, I had just gone on a trip to Singapore and I was commenting on how if you chew gum

  • Seth: they cane the crap out of you there.

  • Seth: Which I found to be odd.

  • Seth: They literally whack you with a cane for chewing gum.

  • Conan: They're strict about that.

  • Seth: They're very strict about that. And the people of Singapore took umbrage

  • Seth: I guess you would say, with my comments

  • Conan: They saw-- first of all, I was thrilled

  • Seth: You're huge in Singapore, apparently.

  • Conan: Apparently, Finland and Singapore, those are my hot zones.

  • Conan: And so Singapore, they saw this...

  • Seth: They saw it, and they wrote an article

  • Seth: about how terrible my appearance on your show was.

  • Seth: And I have it, actually.

  • Seth: 'Cause I wanted to confront it. And I wanted to accept

  • Seth: that maybe I had pushed things a little too far.

  • Seth: So this is the article, from the Times, the Streets Times, in Singapore.

  • Conan: Okay.

  • Seth (reading): Comedian Seth Rogen went on the Conan O' Brien show recently

  • Seth (reading): He spoke about a trip he made to Singapore.

  • Seth (reading): What Rogen trotted out was the usual bunch of half-accurate observations

  • Seth (reading): about caning and chewing gum.

  • Seth (reading): The searing heat of the hate piled on when Rogen blasted out of my monitor

  • Seth (reading): and singed my eyebrows!

  • Conan: So you angered a lot of people in Singapore.

  • Seth: I sure did. And they called in the help of professional jokesters

  • Seth: to give people slams to yell at me when I come to Singapore next.

  • Seth: One of which was

  • Seth (reading): I watched the video of Seth Rogen talking about Singapore and he said he was a graffiti enthusiast.

  • Seth (reading): I didn't know "graffiti" is another word for "cake".

  • Conan: Ouch.

  • Andy: Yeah, wow.

  • Seth (reading): Rogen shouldn't be scared of caning, unless it's punishment for making The Green Hornet.

  • Seth: So I would like to formally apologize to Singapore

  • Seth: Sure, it's illegal to chew gum

  • Seth: and if you're gay, you can go to jail.

  • Seth: and I don't think you can vote

  • Seth: But...

  • Seth: I, I uh, I'm sorry.

  • Seth: It must be a really awesome place to live

  • Seth: unless you're a gay guy who likes chewing gum.

  • Seth: and then...

  • Conan: Alright.

  • Conan: Nicely done.

  • Seth: Thank you.

  • Conan: Problem solved.

  • Seth: I think I'm going to be assassinated very shortly, so...

Conan: Now, Seth, apparently you caused a bit of a stir...


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柯南--塞斯-羅根在新加坡引起了一場爭吵。 (Conan - Seth Rogen causes a kerfuffle in Singapore)

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